Anything For A Smile: Kernersville Baby Photographer

I met back up with Miss B for her 9 month photo session.  She let me know she isn’t a morning person by barely cracking a smirk as I did every antic that I wasn’t too embarrassed to do.  I sang.  I danced.  I clapped.  I played Peek-A-Boo.  I barked like a dog.  I made undescribable noises and made funny faces.  Nothing!  By the end of the session, I stole a couple smiles that were meant for her mama but mostly she gave me this solemn look and I thought it was just as adorable!






1 thought on “Anything For A Smile: Kernersville Baby Photographer”

  • My sweet girl… too bad she wouldn’t flash one of her million dollar smiles! We’ll have to do her 12 month shoot in the afternoon!

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