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My first Mini Session Saturday was last month and I’m so excited I got to see this beautiful, little lady again.  She has grown so much from when I met her dressed as a little ladybug for Halloween.  She’s so adorable and smart with learning baby sign language.  I can’t wait to see her again this summer when we do family portaits.

One year old sessions are one of my favorites to photograph.  I love getting to play with balloons and bubbles (who can resist popping a bubble?)  For this session, we met at Carl Levin Park and walked to the overgrown field that’s for sale.  I love how the photography can transform places like that.  When you focus just right and all the busyness blurs away…  just like life, when you focus and have you perspective just right, all the ugly just faded away.  Love it.

Thanks, Olivia’s mommy and daddy, for participating in the birthday minis!  Hope you enjoy the photos!

Birthday Mini Sessions Harker Heights Child Photographer Killeen Birthday Portraits

Katie SmithKatie Smith is an on location photographer serving the Fort Hood/Killeen area of Texas.
She loves photographing young children, families, and couples.
When not behind the camera, she’s usually in front of the computer.
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Couple Portraits in Belton Texas

I’ve been blessed with a great family.  For example, when my uncle and his wife came from Maryland to Dallas, they did a daytrip to my little part of Texas for portraits.  They’ve been following my Facebook page since I began and knew they wanted a photo session with me.  I’m just never in Maryland and there’s never time when we’re both visiting family in North Carolina.  So we lucked out and met at Chalkridge Falls in Belton.  Mother Nature smiled on us since the forecast was calling for storms and even though the dark clouds rolled in, we made it through the session before it started to rain.

Watch couples act natural is the best part of what I do.  The way every couple interacts is different and it’s fun and heart warming to see little gestures and comments that make them laugh or blush.

Thanks you two for supporting me and letting me take your pictures.  I’m glad we got a chance to catch up.

Texas Engagement Photographer Killeen Photographer Chalkridge Falls Belton Photographer

Katie Smith

She loves being outside in the sunshine and being barefoot.
When not photographing the sweetest couples, she likes to go hiking with her sons.
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Rainy Days

Of course, the day I feel like I have cabin fever and ache to get outside is the day it begins to rain…. and rain…. and rain some more!  I joked that I would need a kayak to pick my son up from school.  The rain finally let up yesterday afternoon and I took my boys for a walk in our little community.   All I wanted was some peaceful shots of them floating paperboats in the puddles.  Yeah, if you have boys, you know the words “peaceful” and “puddle” will never belong in the same sentance.  It became a full contest of who could make the biggest splash and who can splash closest to Mommy’s camera without getting “the look.”

If you never made a paper boat, it’s ridiculously easy. I made one following instructions then made three more from memory. The sad part is they only last a minute before falling apart.

I love this one because it showcases his sweet baby cheeks.  Plus he’s starting to hit this insecure stage and I see it reflected in his eyes.

The image on the left reminds me of a superhero, he looks still with so much anger and the water coming up around him.  On the right is his dark and brooding pose,  he’s only six so moms you have a few years before you need to lock up your daughters.

My three year old refused to go outside until it stopped raining.  He’s scared of wind and storms and no amount of “it’s just a little rain” can convince him to go outside.

When were you this happy by something as simple as jumping in a cold, dirty puddle?

Katie Smith is a mom first and photographer second.
She loves documenting the lives of children with her camera and finds no greater joy than capturing a moment that is the embodmient of childhood joy.
You can find her on Facebook or email her using the contact form.