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Christmas with the C Family

A couple months ago I decided I wanted to do a Christmas session.  Not your average Christmas session but a genuine in home Christmas session that showcased a real family’s traditions and memories.  This fits in with the new direction I’m going next year by letting go of traditional photography rules and posing and concentrating on what really moves me.  All these little moments that tell a family’s story.

So I put out a casting call and found this family!  What a dream!  The girls are adorable with lots of personality!  The parents were awesome and didn’t seem to mind me staying a full two hours.  They did great and just had fun, which is all I really wanted.

Thanks C Family for being terrific models!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Do you have beautiful family traditions that you would like to remember forever?  You still have time to book a Christmas Traditions session for 2011.  Email me now!

25 Days of Christmas

Christmas Picture Cliche #1- Twinkling Lights
It’s a little cliche but I had to get a picture infront of some out of focus lights.

My little set up was super simple.  I put a black curtain over a clothes rack in the corner of the sun room so no light was hitting it.  I taped my Christmas lights to the curtain- all jumbled up since I knew the wire wouldn’t get seen.  I set my couch cushion on the floor infront of it with the window right beside it to give the boys a little side lighting.  Since I was using my 135mm, I scooted back as far as I could- literally under my desk.  I set my aperture to wide open (f/2), metered off the bright side of their face, and took the picture.  Being so close to them and using the long focal length really helped to blur the background.

Christmas Lifestyle Attempt

Finger painting Christmas trees. 🙂

Come back next week to see the next edition of my “25 Days of Christmas” challenge.  Also find me on Facebook because I might post a few there!

Some of my friends are joining me in the Christmas challenge, please check them out!


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Christmas Card Perfect: Kernersville Family Photographer

I met this beautiful family at The Factory for Christmas pictures.  They are the sweetest family with large hearts and a soft spot for orphans.  The mom is the crafty genius behind Dunlap Love; be sure to check out the cuteness she creates to help support children in need of families.

Thanks for letting me take your pictures! Hope you have a merry Christmas!