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The V Kids: Fort Hood Family Photographer

I posted on Facebook that I needed a model or two for a session at the Apple family blueberry farm on 66 in Kernersville and within a few minutes, Mama V replied that she had not one or two but FIVE models I could use.  I love big families and was excited to have them.  Not knowing how much longer blueberry season would last, we quickly scheduled a time and met Friday evening.

I couldn’t have asked for better models.  They were so sweet!

It’s always a fun time to play with backlighting.  Nothing says warm summer nights than a little golden sunflare.


Originally, I was looking for kids that can follow a little more direction but who can resist photographing a face this cute?

Thanks V Family!  Hope you enjoy your blueberries and your pictures!

The S Family: Kernersville Family Photographer

I met this sweet, good looking family last night for a mini session.  For a Monday evening, M was full of energy!  My autofocus could hardly keep up!  Thanks S Family!

Blueberry Pickin’: Texas Lifestyle Photographer

Berry picking pictures have been on my to-do list all summer.  Friday, I had the perfect opportunity.  The weather was cooler and the clouds made the sky into a giant softbox.  My oldest did wonderfully, making sure it’s berry was the perfect shade of blue.  The youngest did a great job of emptying the can as fast as I could fill it up.   I think we all had lots of fun and I think we’ll go back again next week since we’ve used almost all four pounds of blueberries in three days!

So far I’ve made blueberry crisp, blueberry pancakes, and blueberry syrup.  If I was a better chef, I would take pictures of the treats but sadly, culinary just wasn’t my class in high school.