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Family Portraits at Lake Michael

Watching families grow is one of the best parts of being a photographer.  I’ve watched this wonderful woman go from young lady to beautiful mom-to-be to a strong single mom of two.  I had the privilege of photographing all the wonderful phases of her life.

These two kids absolutely adore their mother.  They loved hugging all over her as we did family portraits at Lake Michael in Mebane, North Carolina.  It’s strong family bonds like this that make me specialize in family portraits.

Family Portraits at Lake Michael Mebane Lake Michael Family Photos-Mebane-NC Lake Michael Girl Portrait

Katie Smith is a family portrait photographer serving Alamance County, North Carolina and surrounding area.
She believes in fun portrait sessions where kids are free to express themselves.
She loves seeing her clients beam with joy when they receive their custom wall artwork.
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Hillsborough NC Family Photographer

A Beautiful Location in Hillsborough NC

Finding great locations isn’t easy.  Sometimes I usually Google’s street view to “walk” through parks and public areas but photos never do a location justice.  It’s really necessary to visit locations in person to see the way the sun sets, where the best pockets of good light are, and how to use the existing scenery to frame portraits.  When I was asked to do this session, Ayr Mount in Hillsborough NC was highly recommended.  It’s a beautiful brick home on top of a hill that looks down on a pond and winding path that leads back to a river.  It was the kind of place that begs for a classic novel and picnic lunch.

While it is a premium location -meaning it requires an extra fee to photograph there, I fully believe this historic site is worth it.

A Siblings Portrait by Hillsborough NC Family Photographer

It’s not easy getting adult siblings together for a portrait session.  It’s even harder when one of the siblings live in a different state and another in a different continent!  I’m glad these five decided to make time for this session and I’m sure their mom is glad too.

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Hillsborough NC Family Photographer Katie Smith lives in Mebane, NC.
She photographs beautiful families in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Durham.

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Rustic-Themed Child Portrait

Rustic-Themed Child Portrait

I believe your personal style should be reflected in your portraits.  If you have a modern home, you should have modern portraits.  If you live on farm live and decorate with a rustic country flair, we should design your rustic-themed child portrait session to include rustic elements from backgrounds to clothing to props.

This rustic-themed child portrait session was designed to give more character to her typical school portraits.  Her braids were tied with twine bows.  Her dress and cheetah-print boots added color and personality.  Because these are her first grade portraits, we included a vintage school set up complete with antique stool, vintage books, and a red apple.  On the private property near Roxboro, they had a tall stack of firewood which made a nice textured background.  I love finding those kind of areas on property, something that looks unassuming in person but turns out fun in portraits.

Interested in booking a session that reflects your personal style?  Look at the colors you use in your home decorating and use those colors in your portrait clothing.  If you love industrial lighting, a downtown session will look great.  If you use lots of wood accents, a session at the forests edge would incorporate those warm brown tones.

Rustic-Themed Child Portraits

Katie Smith is a family portrait photographer in Mebane, North Carolina.
She travels within 30 miles of Mebane including Roxboro, Chapel Hill, Burlington, and Pittsboro.
When not photographing super cute kids, she likes to relax at home with a good book.