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His Indentity Is A Secret: Pittsboro Photographer

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in an I Heart Faces challenge but when I saw the theme pop up on Facebook, I knew I had to enter one from my last mini session with my oldest boy.  I was that woman skipping down Main St with a 4 year old in a cape and mask. That’s not weird, right?

Don’t forget to find me on Facebook.  I have something very special coming up for my local parents of babies and toddlers!

 Oops Forgot the I Heart Faces button!  I told you, it’s been awhile!

Wag-a-thon: North Carolina Pet Photographer

This past weekend I traveled out my normal zone to support my mom and her friends (human and four-legged) at the Animal Protection Society of Person County‘s first annual Wag-a-thon.  If you’re looking for a pet, please look into a rescued animal.   Each of these animals have been foster pets, some of them capturing the hearts of their foster moms and getting adopted.  Special needs animals are especially lovable such as Scooter, the super-fast chihuahua on wheels, and Maggie, sweet dog that is deaf but knows several tricks in doggie sign language.

Blue Skies: Harker Heights Family Photographer

I’ve never been so happy to see blue skies as I was on Sunday.  The past week has been nothing but scattered showers and thunderstorms so I was biting my nails as the session time approached.  An hour before the session, the bottom drops out.  I scurried to the computer to watch the radar, still debating on if we should cancel.  Right as I’m packing the car, the rain lets up.  As soon as I turned onto 40, all I could see is blue skies.  I totally squealed without excitement.

I’m so glad the threat of rain didn’t cause us to reschedule.  I met this family at Old Salem for extended family portraits.  How good looking are they?  I love the coordination in their outfits.  I always suggest picking three colors and coordinating the family around it- I love that they chose white, khaki, and pink.  The pink is a refreshing burst of color.

I love extended family shoots.  There is so many different dynamics and relationships that I love the capture.  I always get snap happy and end up with lots of images.  This session was no exception.

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