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When Opposites Attract: Kernersville Engagement Photographer

When Opposites Attract: Kernersville Engagement Photographer

I met A and M yesterday at The Factory in Kernersville for engagement portraits.  M told me that her and her college sweetheart were a case of “opposites attract.”  They might not feel that they have much in common but I think they were the cutest and perfect couple.  It was so much fun watching them laugh and cuddle together.  They were naturals in front of the camera.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, A and M. I wish you two many years of marital bliss.

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Lifestyle Photography- The ULTIMATE Custom Photography Experience

Lifestyle Photography- The ULTIMATE Custom Photography Experience

Want a session as unique as your family is?  Then why use the same backdrop, the same park, the same props, or even the same pose the last family used?  Lifestyle photography is the ultimate custom photography experience.

Lifestyle photography is all about families and their real lives.  Children wearing their normal clothes, playing with their favorite toys, toting their beloved lovies all over their house.  Parents reading a favorite bedtime story, helping bake some delicious cookies, and cuddling on the couch while overlooking the little ones playing.  Families doing their thing whether it’s a calm and collected snugglefest or an all-out pillow fight on the parent’s bed.

So you may be looking at your children and your home right now.  Kids are running around in their underwear, covered in spaghetti sauce.  There’s dishes in the sink and a pile of clothes on the couch.  And you might still be in your pajamas. (And let’s pretend I’m not talking about my house right now) You might be thinking why would I ever want this photographed?!?!?  One word.  Memories.  But let’s be honest, you’re not going to shell out your hard earned money to remember the time your angel covered himself and the couch and the wall and the table cloth and 75% of the kitchen floor in peanut butter.  That’s another glorious aspect of lifestyle photography.  It’s all the best parts of real life.  Like those few minutes the house is clean before the toddler tornado rips through it, that day when all the kids coordinate in their cute little outfits that you painstakingly picked out at the mall, and that day when everyone was just happy to be at home together.  It’s about losing the distractions and getting to the basics of your family, your personalities, and your unique kind of love in a way you could never get at a traditional photo session.

Just because posts are no fun without pictures, here’s a small representation of lifestyle photography.  This my boys and me doing what we do best, being our lovable, cuddly, silly selves.

The Best Thing I’ll Do For My Business This Year

The Best Thing I’ll Do For My Business This Year

When asked about new year resolutions, I usually throw out the old standbys.  Lose some weight, eat better, be more organized, save more money….  the same ones I make every year and half-heartedly attempt them, if I actually attempt them at all.  This year I want to really focus on this one resolution, one simple thing that would make me a lot happier… to mind my own gosh-darn business.

I know I’m not the only photographer that invests too much time in finding out what everyone else is doing.  Instead of focusing on making myself better as a business woman and photographer, I look to other photographers and see where I measure up.  And besides myself, nobody else cares!  No one wants to hear me bellyache about the latest shoot-n-burn or how So-and-So Photography has more clients then me.  Besides Katie Smith Photography is not about anyone else… it’s about my clients and me.  It’s about capturing families the way that I see them and in doing so, running a profitable business that fulfills me as a person.

There will always be cheap shoot-and-burn photographers.  New ones are building their free blogs and fan pages as I type this.  The clients they receive are not the clients I want.  I know I’ve invested too much time learning good technique and too much money on quality products and gear to give away the farm for free.  So I need to brush off their attitude of “same thing at cheaper prices” because their work is not the same as mine.  Along this line, I have to quit getting on the “quality photography isn’t cheap” soapbox whenever a consumer accuses quality photographers of charging too much.  I don’t like to debate and it’s not worth arguing over.  I know my prices are where they need to be and if someone values my skill and style, they will be willing to pay my prices.  End of discussion.

Quit coveting other’s gear.  There will always be a new peice of technology with the promise of better photographs or better online presence.  There will always be someone who gets that cool peice of gear before they really understand how to use their old equipment.  I might lust after all those new toys in the photo store catalogs but it is beyond pointless to covet another photographer’s gear.

Get over the client envy and the facebook like envy.  Okay, they have a bigger circle of friends, better online presence, and because of that, more word of mouth.  They might be booked until the end of time but unless they want to spill their secrets, quit worrying about it!  Focus on what I can do to get more clients and facebook likes.  And if I know the secret to their facebook likes is by having a business profile and hosting contests against Facebook’s Terms of Service, get over it!  I know it’s wrong and if I want people to respect my terms of service and copyrights, I have to respect those of the businesses that allow me to advertise my business on their site.  This also goes for not using copyrighted music even though a certain song would be perfect for a slideshow.

So my resolution is to stop wasting my energy on the blog/facebook stalking, the whining, the reading of other blog’s whines about “fauxtographers,” and the general negativity that comes with having competition.  It’s all pointless!  My energy and time is better spent learning new techniques, reading about how to better myself as a business woman, or even better than that… PLAYING WITH MY KIDS!!!  After all, they are the source of my inspiration and the whole reason why I got into the craziness of the photography industry.