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Fabulous “U” Night

Last night, I had a nice night with a group of women.  We met at Anazar Fashion Boutique, where there is lots of unique clothing for the fashion minded.  I loved several shirts and skirts but have sworn off buying new clothes until I can fit in a smaller size.  I had a delicious homemade whoopie pie by Shining Star Custom Events so good that it didn’t dawn on me to take a picture until after I ate it. 🙂  I had  a Mary Kay facial supplied by Independent Beauty Consultant Elizabeth Stewart.  Random Fact: I was a MK beauty constultant at 18 and couldn’t even sale it to my own mom.  You really have to have the right personality for it and Elizabeth definitely has that personality.

Thanks Elizabeth for inviting me out.  It was fun!

A Mom’s Guide to a Tear-Free Photo Shoot

A Mom’s Guide to a Tear-Free Photo Shoot

Tips for a stress-free photo session


Best Face of Jan 2011



Over at I Heart Faces, the theme is “Best Face of January 2011.”  I had to go with this one of my boys because I find it hilarious.  Tristan was already mad at me for turning the tv off while we were eating our spaghetti.  Corvin stealing his fork just made it worse.  Just another day in the life when you have an annoying little brother, right?