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Merry Christmas, J!

My Christmas tree is still in the box, waiting for the day we can decorate it as a family.  J’s tree was never taken down!  Of course, it helps to have it in an empty room.

During a visit with my folks, I took some pictures of my youngest brother for the family Christmas card.  As usual, I’m just in love with how his eye sparkle.

Brothers: Bear Creek Family Photographer

Nothing makes me feel more at home during a session than meeting good people and children that I can really relate to.  These brothers are two and four.  Not quite the same as my sons but that familiar brotherly love was definitely there.  It was so much fun walking the trail at the park and seeing these rowdy boys have fun.  I even got a hug.  🙂





Of course, this one is my favorite!

Thanks guys for being awesome today!  It was great meeting you!

Miss B Turns ONE! Kernersville Baby Photography

I cannot believe how fast these past few months have flown by.   I first met Miss B when she was three months old.  I had the great pleasure of seeing her again at six months, nine months, and most recently twelve months.

A little stroll down memory lane:
Baby B

6 months old!!!


And these are from our most recent session:



Pucker up!  She gave me this face several times.  I think it’s adorable!

Who doesn’t love cake?

Want some cake?

Thank you R family for letting me capture your daughter’s growth.  It’s been so much fun watching her grow.