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Army Family: Fort Hood Family Photographer

I met the S Family at Harmon Park last week for some family pictures while Dad was on leave.  I loved spending time with this family!  Mom and Dad are so in love and the kids were wonderful.  I could have just hung out with them for hours.

S Family- I hope you all have had safe travels and that the rest of this deployment is over quickly so you can be together again.  Thank you for your service and enjoy your pictures!










Seniors: Senior Photographer

These young ladies were our senior models at the wonderful workshop I attended this past weekend.  They were so nice to put up with a group of photographers getting them to do all sorts of crazy things.  It was so great to meet them and get some practice in with this age group.  It’s been awhile since I did senior portraits but I LOVE to do them when I have the chance.






Over His Head: Texas Child Photographer

The I Heart Faces theme is “Over My Head” and it took a little while to get inspired.  I thought through some of the cliche shots then some more labor-intensive shots before settling on this idea.

This is my almost four year old, Tristan, and only some of the toys that watch over him as he sleeps.  Even though he has the entire floor to play, his Happy Meal toys wage wars over the coveted spots on the headboard.  The dinosaurs, lions, robots, and bad guys wait in the cubbies until he decides a happy meal toy needs to be demolished by the plastic jaws of T-Rex or the super kick of a Ninja.  When he’s finally ready to fall asleep, he likes to line them up so they watch out for the monsters and other things that go bump in the night.  And that’s how you know which toys he loves most, by which ones are right over his head.


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