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defying my parenting philosophies

I’ve always had the parenting philosophy that if you let a child touch a hot oven, they’d learn not to play in the kitchen while you cook.  I wrongly assumed that my three year old would learn not to jump on his bed after falling, hitting his head on the headboard, and going to the ER for six stitches.  Instead the 40lbs of pure boy craziness decided to stand on the hospital bed and come home to jump on the bed even after we sang “Five Little Monkeys” a dozen time.

I get the feeling that that was not our last ER visit.   I await the day when he needs his first x-rays.  Oh, the joy of having boys.

B at Six Months: Oak Ridge Baby Photographer

Back in February, I met Miss B and she looked like this:
Baby B

Last week, I got to see the dimpled cutie again and do her six month photo shoot.  Isn’t she just adorable?  And don’t you just love the bloomers?

And I got to meet the big sister!

Mom is a big fan of collages and storyboards- and I’m on a bit of a collage kick myself- so I put together this collage for her.

Thanks R family for having me back over!  I look forward to the 9 month session!