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I <3 Collages: I Heart Faces entry

It’s collage week over at the I Heart Faces website.  I love collages.  They let me tell a story with lots of little details.  I chose this collage of my three year at play with his two favorite toys: an action figure out of a kid’s meal and a dinosaur.  I’m pretty sure the dinosaur won, as evidenced by Mr. Incredible’s head being carefully wedged in Dinosaur’s mouth.

Be sure to head over to the I Heart Faces website to see more entries.

My Boys: Fort Hood Child Photographer

We have been loving the warm weather!  I hope you’ve been outside enjoying it too if the pollen doesn’t bother you.

Corvin and I snuck into a hidden spot for a mini session to document his mastery of pulling up:

Corvin at 7 months

Then we also visited the botantical garden on Main Street of Kernersville to smell the tulips:


Excuse the mess!

The website is getting a makeover!