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Tattoo Model Session: Chapel Hill NC

I love tattoos.  I love the stories behind them.  My tattoo is on my left hip, a heart and four-leaf clover that I got when I was 18 and out on a date with my then-fiance/now-husband.  When we were dating, I could spot a four-leaf clover just by walking past it.  Ah… those teenage days when all you need was love and luck to be happy.  Sooner or later, I’ll be getting a second tattoo… something that describes my sons and my love for photography.  I just haven’t been able to decide what design and camera gear is always higher on my list of wants.

Speaking of tattoos, I met this beautiful tattoo model recently to update her modeling portfolio.  Although I specialize in family and couples photography, it’s always fun to try something different.  I loved trying new posing and being able to sculpt the lighting.  She’s so naturally beautiful and I know she has a great career in front of her.

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Katie Smith offers beauty photography near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
She serves Apex, Pittsboro, Sanford, and the surrounding area.
She specializes in family and couples photography but loves stepping out of her comfort zone with models.
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Need some family fun time?

While we’ve all been busy complaining about the neverending winter, Spring Break is sneaking up on us!  If you’re not heading out of town, I suggest checking out Austin’s Park.  Yesterday was our second trip and if you can’t tell by the huge smiles on their faces, the kids had a blast.  It was a full day of go-kart riding, laser tag shooting, putt-putt smack talking, and testing the limits of “all you can eat” pizza.

My boys loved the new train roller coaster.  While it’s pretty slow, the last curve has a whiplash effect that gets suprised giggles every time.

My husband and I came up with a new way to play putt-putt.  While the kids are on the 20,000th stroke, parents get one shot to make a hole in one…. we both ended up with scores of zero.

All four of us tried our hand at the rock wall… and it’s surprisly harder than it looks.

Got a need for speed?  They recently traded the kiddie carts for a slick track, which got a thumbs up from the husband.  My seven year was disappointed that the kiddie karts were gone but they’ll eventually be put on a new track that’s currently under construction.

Laser tag is always a blast.  And while we don’t play the arcade games, the ones they have put pinball and PacMan to shame.  The whole place is all around fun and will probably be one of my kids’ favorite memories.







Just Play- North Carolina Kids Photographer

My kids don’t love photo sessions.  They understand that it means a lot to me and they understand that they are paid for their cooperation in the form of chocolate or ice cream or a trip to their favorite store (Five Below).  But they don’t love getting into their perfect outfits and posing and following directions….

Do you know what they do love?  Screaming at the top of their lungs, playing tag until someone gets mad for being tagged one time too many, swinging “to the moon” on the swingset, showing off their letters in sidewalk chalk, and popping bubbles before they touch the ground.

Those things are what makes childhood fun.  In between the big vacations, between long boring weeks at school, it’s the family trips to the park that rejuvenate our sense of fun.

Just Play sessions are lifestyle, photojournalistic-inspired sessions that capture the essence of childhood.

All kids will love these sessions, especially those that are high energy or introverted.  No rules.  Just fun.

No fake smiles here!

Just good old fashion fun with playground equipment, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk…  For more fun, bring your child’s favorite toys like R.C. cars, hula hoops, jump rope, and kites.

Don’t be a fuddy-duddy!

Grown ups can have too!  I’ll be climbing the rock walls and sliding down slides right along with your kids.  So feel free to get silly, swing too high, race to the bottom of the slide, or play tag with your kids.

So let’s head to the playground and have some fun!  Email me below about special “Just Play” pricing: