Belton TX Love Story

I met this awesome couple and their sweet maltipoo, Reese, at Overlook Park in Belton for couples portraits.

I love that she brought a bag of her favorite props from home. A leopard print shaw, cowboy hat, aviator glasses… these are a few of the things I got to play with during her session. Now I have aviator glasses on my “Props I Need” list just because they look so awesome in them.
Belton Couples Photographer Love Temple Photographer Killeen Photographer Sun-flare kiss Reese the dog Walking In Flowers Dancing Silhouette

katie smith new headshot Katie Smith is an on location photographer serving Killeen, Belton, and Temple, Texas.
She specializes in documenting the love between man and wife.
When not photographing the awesome couples in Central Texas, she likes to spend time with her husband of eight years.
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