Belton Maternity Session

I love this beautiful couple.  Not only were they a ton of fun to just walk and talk with, Mom-to-be was game for hiking the trail at Chalkridge Falls for this beautiful session.  I’m not sure I was willing to walk more than from the couch to the fridge in my last trimester!  I also love she chose this teal shirt, which give the photos are great pop of color.  They are going to sparkle when printed on metallic paper.

Even though she’s not due for another couple of months, I know their baby boy will be gorgeous and the camera will love him, which is a good thing because his mom and his grandma love photos. (Mom already has plans on how to display his newborn portraits in his nursery.)
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Katie Smith is an on location family and couples photographer.
She specializes in natural, relaxed portraiture where everyone is happy.
Have a question?  Please use the form on the contact page.

“Pilot” Imagination Session

My friend told me she only needed one photo of her younger son to match the photo I took of her oldest a few months ago.  It was supposed to be a simple black and white portrait with a solid background.  She wanted him to wear his aviator hat because he’s the creative type with a great imagination.  Yes, one simple picture….
Simple black and white

But I can never take just one.  So we went outside and flew in circles, threw paper airplanes, and made disgusting sounds… ok, I made the sounds, he just looked at me like I’m a crazy person.  I love the shy, serious kids that really force me to break out of my reserved, introvert comfort zone and make a real fool of myself.  The smiles that were the hardest to get are the sweetest to capture on camera.
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Katie Smith is a child photographer in Central Texas.
She loves playing with kids and using her imagination.
She wanted to be a Siamese cat breeder/astronaut/writer/cowgirl when grew up.
Instead she became a photographer and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Siler City Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Look at this one month old cutie!  Don’t you just want to pinch those adorable little cheeks?

I met this little Cowboys fan last week in his home.  I loved his Dallas Cowboys themed room, especially knowing it’s an extra special boy nursery since he has a house full of big sisters.  Since it was a school day, I didn’t get to meet his sisters.  Instead I got to capture that mother-son bond and I absolutely love that she was willing to be photographed with him.

As a side note, part of me wants to break into “It’s a Small World After All” since his mom was introduced to my work by a mutual friend that I’ve known for six years but haven’t met in person.  Sometimes it’s nice how the internet makes the world a much smaller place.

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Katie Smith is an on location photographer serving the Chatham County NC area.
She loves photographing babies in their natural enviroment… in the home and in their parent’s arms.
When she’s not ooh’ing and ahh’ing over someone else’s adorable baby, she’s with her own ‘babies’ and wondering how the grow up so fast.
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