Fall Family Portraits in Mebane NC

Fall Family Portraits in Mebane NC

This is one of my favorite sessions from 2017.   There’s just so much about this family and the whole photo session that I adore.

I met this family last year at Autumn Fest in Downtown Mebane.  They contacted me for family portraits a few weeks later.  Their last official family portrait was before her daughter was born. Before long, her oldest son will be heading to college.  With that in mind, it was definitely time for new portraits and what better time than fall!  Luckily, we didn’t have to go far for the perfect backdrop.  Between their beautiful backyard and the wooded lot next door, we were able to create a variety of looks.

As I tell everyone at consultations, family portraits look best when everyone’s clothing coordinates instead of matching.   These portraits illustrate the point perfectly!  I love this navy and red-violet color scheme they chose.  With the parents in solids, the sons wore patterned button ups and the daughter wore a striped cardigan.  Three different patterns that worked beautifully together!

I love that Ace, their beautiful German shepherd, was invited for the last few poses of the evening.  Because we were walking distance from their home, Ace was able to stay safely in their backyard until it was his time to shine.  Once he came onto the scene, all our attention was devoted to getting his attention while keeping him on his mark.   If you would like your pet included in portraits, we suggest bringing a leash, some treats, and letting us know some commands and keywords.  Safety is always a top concern, doubly so when photographing pets in public areas.  Leashes can be removed from the image during retouching.

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To replace the old family portrait, we created a beautiful 20×24″ portrait on fine art paper with a 2.5″ espresso frame.   Because of the finished back and wire hardware, they were able to display their portrait within minutes of delivery!

Katie Smith is a family portrait photographer in Mebane, North Carolina.
When not behind the camera, she enjoys Netflix, hot chocolate, and staying inside on snowy days.
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10 Days New : Mebane Newborn Photographer

10 Days New : Mebane Newborn Photographer

The baby in the belly of these beautiful maternity portraits has finally arrived!  After patiently waiting for him to be born, I blinked and the little sweetheart was already 10 days old!  I loved capturing him with his brothers, whom are the perfect mix of adorable and rowdy.  I know these three are going to create some fun memories as they grow up together.

For the session, we chose to keep things simple with a neutral gray backdrop and blankets.   By warming my studio up to sauna-like temperatures, Baby B slept through most of the session, only waking briefly during sibling portraits and to have a little snack.  With a session time of about two hours, his mother got to relax as I worked my magic, posing each little finger.  I love working with newborns in the 7-10 day range.  Most moms have started to settle into life with a newborn but the baby is still young, sleepy, and poseable.

Want precious newborn portraits of your child?

Call the studio as you enter your third trimester.  Your session can be penciled in the calendar for your due date and then rescheduled after your baby is born.  With weeks to spare, we’ll be able to schedule your consultation to discuss details of your session.  Will you want a family portrait?  Just the newborn?  Are you looking for a certain color scheme to match a nursery?  Will you be purchasing a special outfit for your portrait? By going over these topics and more, we begin to create your perfect session.

At the session, you can expect your child to be treated gently and with safety as the number one priority.  We request that parents dress in layers as we turn up the heat in the studio for baby’s comfort.  Newborn sessions can last 2-3 hours with plenty of breaks for diaper changes and feedings.

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Katie Smith is a family portrait artist located in Mebane, North Carolina.
With a focus on finished art, families can expect a highly customized session experience that creates the perfect art for their home.
She believes great portraits should be treasured and displayed to bring a smile to your face every time you see it.
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Maternity Portraits by the Eno River

Maternity Portraits by the Eno River

When you book a maternity session, you aren’t booking to remember just how big your belly got. It’s to remember what your relationship was like as you both embark on a whole new adventure.  It’s remembering the anticipation that comes from being in your third trimester, counting down those final days until your baby is in your arms.   It might feel like the days are going by so slowly but soon, you’ll wonder how nine months went by so quickly.  You’ll miss feeling those little kicks or how your husband would rest his hand on your belly.  It’s those memories that make a maternity session a beautiful part of your pregnancy experience.

Interested in a maternity session?

After viewing more images from our past maternity sessions, please contact Katie to schedule your complimentary consultation.  Over coffee, we’ll discuss scheduling your session for around 34 weeks of pregnancy.

maternity portraits on the eno river maternity portraits by mebane photographer pregnancy photos for couples

Katie Smith Photography is located in Mebane, North Carolina.
She loves documenting the joy and hope that pregnancy brings.
When not photographing beautiful expecting mothers, Katie enjoys spending time with her kids and watching them grow into amazing human beings.
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