Still the one: Pittsboro Couples Photography

Oh boy, did this move make me fall behind!  I can’t believe I’m just now finding time to blog this session when I could barely keep myself from posting all of them on Facebook while I was editing.  I met this couple at The Factory in Kernersville, NC before we moved.  I’m sad that I left this location behind it’s so perfect for many different types of sessions.

I absolutely adore this session.  This couple has been married a few years and decided to get portraits done for their anniversary since they didn’t have awesome engagement photos.  When she told me she loved the 1960’s/Mad Men type style, I went on a Google/Pinterest spree to get inspired.  Main Street gave us the best backdrop and they rocked it.  I love this dress she wore to a recent wedding and her husband gets brownie points for wearing red suspenders.  Don’t they look amazing together?  I really wanted a more sexy/romantic feel without being too… umm… risque… and I think they pulled it off perfectly.

I’ll have to post part two of this session too.  After they rocked this look, we changed it up to some “normal” clothes (blue jeans and t-shirts) and the session took a different turn.  It really is amazing how the wardrobe can change the overall feel of a session.  That’s one reason I now offer in person consultations so we can talk about outfits in depth and can be sure the atmosphere and feel behind your session is just what you had in mind.

Katie Smith is a family and couple photographer that rocks on location photography.
She loves finding unsuspecting locations that beautifully transform into stunning backdrops.
She loves the view out her bedroom window and how big the Texas sky looks.
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Let’s Play: Siler City Photographer

I love photographing on the playground.  For me, it’s a field day of fun compositional elements. I love changing up angles and using the lines of the equipment to bring focus to the child. I love the framing and I love the colors of the equipment. And I always get a fun work out climbing around the stairs and sliding slides and racing to get to the perfect location before the kid changes his mind and heads for a different part of the playground.

For the kids, it’s always the best session ever. Their smiles and giggles are genuine and they never get bored of taking pictures.  I love seeing the excitement on their face when I say we can go to the playground now.

This guy was perfect for this session.  Isn’t he a little heart breaker?  I just love his smile and his hair.  If it wasn’t for my own incredibly cute five year old, he might be the cutest five year old I’ve ever met.  He has the greatest personality too.  I love his outfit too.  A simple yellow t-shirt under a dark blue hoodie that has a yellow emblem on it- PERFECT for a little boy on the playground.  Not overdressed but not under-dressed either.  Thanks E for hanging out with me!  It was great meeting you!

A new comer to Texas but not a newcomer to the photography business, Katie Smith has been a family photography for three years and strives to create a custom experience for all her clients.
She loves sleeping in, iced vanilla coffee, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
When not photographing the country’s cutest children, she likes baking chocolate chip cookies with her five and two year old sons.
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Half way there

I’m so glad I became an [org name removed] photographer before coming onto recruiting duty.  With the majority of [org name removed] photographers working near bases, I think a lot of reservist families miss the change to have their portraits done.  I know with active duty the word about —   can spread like wildfire through the FRG (family readiness group for those not up on military lingo).  If reservist units are anything like recruiters, the FRG is on the back burner so it’s up to military spouse online groups to spread the word and then the families have to hope a photographer is in their area.  I’m glad I got to serve outof

This is my last family to photograph before moving to Fort Hood in June.  The dad just got home on mid-tour leave and the kids were suprised to pick him up at the airport.  During his two weeks home, they scheduled this session and I’m so glad they did.  I love all the genuine smiles here.  It just radiates love and happiness.  They were all for cuddling and tickling and just being together.

And the three boys were full of energy!  They’d run and run and run and just when you think they’re exhausted, they’d sit for five seconds and be up running again!  If I could bottle the energy, I’d be rich!  It was a fun sneak peek of what life with boys will be like in a few years when mine reach their ages.

Please keep this family in your thoughts because their journey isn’t over yet.  When the two weeks of R&R are up, he’ll be heading back overseas and it will be a few more months before he can see his family again.

DOD Disclaimer: The photos and other content of this publication do not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.

Katie Smith is a lifestyle photographer specializing in families, couples, and seniors.
She’s an army wife and married to her high school sweetheart.
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