Look at that hair! Copperas Cove Baby Photographer

What is it about babies with lots of hair?  It’s like we just can’t help ourselves.  We have to comment on those beautiful full heads of hair.  It was my first thought and I still can’t get over how long it is and how cute and dainty she looks with that little pink bow.

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Cherished Album: Product Spotlight

I squealed like a little girl when I received tracking information for my new sample album.  I paced the house like an anxious 1950’s dad waiting for their brand new baby boy to be delivered as I waited for the UPS guy and it’s amazing I didn’t climb in the truck and get it my own self!  I’m just so excited about this book and can’t wait to show it off.

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This is the Cherished album.  In all it’s 10×10 awesomeness, your family memories will be beautifully displayed across a 12×24 spread or beautifully grouped together to tell your story.  Unlike flimsy consumer books, this is a luxurious flushmount album with thick sturdy pages and a solid spine that makes it destined to be a family heirloom.

I researched so many companies to find the right company to trust with my client’s memories.  I wanted something a client would cherish forever, something that would hold a place of honor in their home, something their grandchildren would fight over in fifty years…  Because I work with families, I wanted the sturdy pages that would not fold or tear when turned by an overly anxious toddler.  I wanted something that would display images large, something you could leave on a coffee table or set on an easel by the fireplace.  Something that you could decorate your home with instead of just leaving it on the shelf.

I chose Forbeyon as my chosen vendor.  They have wonderful customer service.  The choices of covers range from a luxurious black leather to a fun modern bright pink- I ordered “champagne” to mock the color of sand.  No matter where we photograph your family, they have a cover option that will fit the vibe of your photos.  The textures are divine and the craftsmanship can’t be beat.  I honestly believe this is an album to be treasured for generations.  Small prints in a run of the mill photo album do not do your family’s memories justice like a Cherished album does.

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Katie Smith is an on location, family and couples photographer based in Pittsboro, NC.
She loves designing albums and wall galleries that will take her client’s breath away.
With two boys of her own, she knows the importance of document life and showcasing it in a way that her children will be able to look back on it.
She looks forward to sharing this sample album with her future daughter-in-laws, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
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Belton Parade: Happy 4th of July

I’m starting a new blog series called Exploring Texas. A few times each month, I’ll be blogging about life in Texas.  Special events, local stores, and some great daytrip places…  it’ll be a little of everything but all found locally.  Being new to the area and determined not to be one of the Army wives that whines “there’s nothing to do here!” I’d love to show other new folks in town -and some that have been here but never explored- what all Central Texas has to offer.

For my first post, I get to blog about the Belton 4th of July parade.  It’s only a small part of a five days celebration that includes a rodeo and a carnival!  How fun is that?!?!

In 2008, it was voted “10 Great Places to Fly Your Patriotic Colors on July 4th” by USA Today.  I’m not sure my family agrees that but it was a good parade.  Coming from a small town with short parades, this parade was long! There was Shriners, Ronald McDonald, lots of old vehicles, a marching band, local businesses’ floats, horses, cowgirls, a cowboy with a lasso, rodeo clowns….  We actually left before the parade ended it was so long… and HOT!  Don’t forget the sunblock and your water bottles. Also get there early!  We were there 40 minutes before parade start time and parked near the center of the route, the curb was still packed!

We only had two real complaints about the parade.  One was that there was too many political candidates.  (2012 vehicles with “Vote for…” posters just aren’t that exciting).  The other was no candy!  Catching candy is the best part of parades!  Of course, half of it is gross stuff no one wants to eat but the fun is all in the dive for it.  If there was candy, I’m sure my kids would have lasted longer.  (I wanted to stay longer but two restless kids forced us to pack up)

Oh well, it was a fun way to spend a few hours and interesting seeing the difference between a Texas parade and a North Carolina parade.

You can find more about the celebration at their website.  Know somewhere I should explore?  Leave a comment below and I’ll check it out!


Katie Smith is a family and couples photographer based in Killeen, Texas and serving anywhere between Lampasas and Temple.
She loves 4th of July and Christmas parades and was in a parade a long time ago as a girl scout.
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