25 Days of Christmas

Christmas Picture Cliche #1- Twinkling Lights
It’s a little cliche but I had to get a picture infront of some out of focus lights.

My little set up was super simple.  I put a black curtain over a clothes rack in the corner of the sun room so no light was hitting it.  I taped my Christmas lights to the curtain- all jumbled up since I knew the wire wouldn’t get seen.  I set my couch cushion on the floor infront of it with the window right beside it to give the boys a little side lighting.  Since I was using my 135mm, I scooted back as far as I could- literally under my desk.  I set my aperture to wide open (f/2), metered off the bright side of their face, and took the picture.  Being so close to them and using the long focal length really helped to blur the background.

Christmas Lifestyle Attempt

Finger painting Christmas trees. 🙂

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Christmas Card Perfect: Kernersville Family Photographer

I met this beautiful family at The Factory for Christmas pictures.  They are the sweetest family with large hearts and a soft spot for orphans.  The mom is the crafty genius behind Dunlap Love; be sure to check out the cuteness she creates to help support children in need of families.

Thanks for letting me take your pictures! Hope you have a merry Christmas!


For the last couple months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this little business of mine, what it means to me, and what I want its future to be.  With the fact of moving and starting over looming over my head, it’s been hard to focus on my clients here in North Carolina. There are wonderful things coming and it’s not fair to wait for Texas before revealing the new and exciting Katie Smith Photography so I’m changing things now.

I’ve worked with lots of amazing children and families this year and my favorite shots are always the “between the poses” moments.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still waiting for that Christmas card perfect family portrait for my wall but one picture does not tell my family’s story.  It’s the collection of images- the posed and the unposed, the close up details and the zoomed back environmental shots- that tell the story of who we are, how we relate, and how much love can exist in our little family.  This is what I want to capture for you and will be pouring my heart into it from now on.  I’m letting go of the fear that held me back from embracing my own style.

I found these gorgeous heirloom quality photo books and these are what my photography is meant for.  Photographs are not meant to be stashed away in a shoebox for that “some day” when you can organize them.  They are not meant to sit on CDs or harddrives for the day you get around to printing them (and hopefully not leaving them in the envelope).  Some day Facebook will be a thing of the past and CDs will go the way of floppy disks and your images will no longer be able to be seen without visiting someone with ancient technology.  Anyone else have their wedding on a VHS tape and haven’t gotten around to getting it on DVD?  I’ve only been married 7 years!  Imagine when we celebrate 50 or even 25 years and I’ve like to show the video.  I probably won’t be able to.  These new high quality books are going to guarantee that your children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren will be able to lovingly flip through pages and smile at how young everyone looked and how funny they dressed “back in the good ol’ days.”

I want to show off how awesome wall galleries are.  My Disney gallery consists on an 8×10, two 5x7s, and six 4x6s.  I thought it would look cool and instead it looks puny.  This huge wall and the “gallery” take up a 3×3 foot square.  Our faces are the size of pennies!  I know they’re “just snapshots” but no one walks in and says “Wow! Look at your Disney trip.”  Instead they end up a foot away from the pictures, squinting at each photo.  Imagine what it would be like if I had a 20×30 of my family in front of the castle.  It would be gorgeous and it would be a fun focal point for our room.

I want to get to know my families better.  Emailing is convenient but there’s still the awkward introduction and silences for the first part of the session.  I’m offering in person consultations to discuss your hopes and dreams for the session.  If we’re going to do an in home session, I can check out the lighting before hand and give helpful tips on how to arrange things for the best look.  We can discuss clothing options and what products you might like to order.  Want a coffee table book with all the little details like your son’s scraped knees or daughter’s pigtails, I will shoot with those details in mind.  Want a big family portrait or a large gallery?  We can find the perfect spot in your home to hang it and I’ll remember to get the right orientation to create your dream gallery.

I don’t want to send you home with just a link to an online gallery.  I work on a big calibrated desktop and I know it’s not the norm these days.  Everyone has laptops and ipads and cell phones to view pictures on.  You can’t get a good look at pictures on those especially if they’re not calibrated.  I want you to see exactly what you are getting so I’m offering in home ordering.  You can view your proofs in 8×10 printed form.  You can feel them and sort them however you like.  We can go over samples so you can feel the difference between a canvas and a print.  I can show you how a large print would look over your couch or even digitally create a layout of your living room to see how a wall gallery would look.  We can talk things over and I can make sure you are 100% in love with everything.  Then I can bring it back to your home for delivery.  I’ll even help you hang it if you want me too!

I love photography.  I love my clients.  And I love my business.  It’s time for me to grow and redirect myself from just meeting expectations to going beyond anything they would expect from a photographer.   I look forward to starting off the new year in a new direction and hope you stick around.  It’s going to be amazing.