I Know What Boys Like: Harker Heights Lifestyle Photographer

Boys like jumping in mud puddles.

Boys like playing with sticks.

Boys like splashing water everywhere in the tub.

Boys like cheesing for pictures on their own terms.

Boys like going on safari with their goggles.

Boys like to climb on the top bunk and play with things they shouldn’t.

Boys like dinosaurs.

Boys are like dinosaur pillow pets.  A little scary but really just soft and cuddly.

This post was expected to be the last portraits of my boys in their 2010 sweaters.  I was using the 50mm 1.2L from and so excited to get portraits of them with that lens.  Instead, I got this.  Before I could even take a picture, Corvin had already found a mud puddle and covered himself.  That’s just life with boys, I guess.  🙂

Mommy + Me: Pittsboro Family Photographer

Ok, I better let you know that this post is going to be picture heavy!  With a session this fun and a girl this cute, how could I possible not go absolutely overboard on the images?

I met 2.5 year old Miss K and her mommy in their home over the weekend.  She is so adorable and smart.   It was so much fun playing with her and watching her play with her dolls and books and purse and grocery cart.   So much girly perfection that I adored.

Originally, I posted this one in black and white on Facebook but I love the color just as much.  I saw this one in my head and she very nicely cooperated just the way I envisioned.I rented a macro lens for and couldn’t resist an eyelash shot.She played with her dollhouse.We talked about finger prints and she gave me a cute little grin. She insisted Baby have her picture made too.  Of course, I can’t resist a sweet request.She helped another doll play seek & find.We all took turns tracing each others hands.  We took some fun pictures with Mommy.

And this one is for me.  We were talking about how a lens cap is like a helmet for my lens.  So she was helping me put it back on.  🙂

Thank you, K and J for having me over!  I had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy your images.


Fabulous “U” Night

Last night, I had a nice night with a group of women.  We met at Anazar Fashion Boutique, where there is lots of unique clothing for the fashion minded.  I loved several shirts and skirts but have sworn off buying new clothes until I can fit in a smaller size.  I had a delicious homemade whoopie pie by Shining Star Custom Events so good that it didn’t dawn on me to take a picture until after I ate it. 🙂  I had  a Mary Kay facial supplied by Independent Beauty Consultant Elizabeth Stewart.  Random Fact: I was a MK beauty constultant at 18 and couldn’t even sale it to my own mom.  You really have to have the right personality for it and Elizabeth definitely has that personality.

Thanks Elizabeth for inviting me out.  It was fun!