A Little Hero: Child Photographer

Thanks to the Littlest Heroes Project, I got to meet L and his family at Old Salem for some family portraits.   I loved these brothers.  Big brother H was too funny.  He wiggled his way into almost every picture and loved to talk.  And L was a charmer.  He had a lip tremble that could break your heart and his smile was amazing.

G Family, it was great meeting you!  Enjoy your photos.

 The Littlest Heroes Project is a special organization of photographers that provide sessions for children with special needs such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and congenital heart defects.  For more information about this organization, please visit

Katie Smith is an on location photographer specializing in family and child portraits. She serves North Carolina’s Triad- Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.  All content of this blog is copyright 2010 by Katie Smith Photography.  It is illegal to copy these photos.

I <3 this playful face: Mebane Baby Photographer

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is “Play.”  With two boys, we definitely do a lot of playing.  The theme inspired me to capture this playtime moment:


 2017 Update:  The cutie above is now 7 years and still have one of the best smiles.

Katie Smith is a family photographer located in Mebane, North Carolina.
She enjoys photographing families with children of all ages.

What Should I Wear? Harker Heights Portrait Photographer

After choosing a time and date for your sessions, the next question is always “what should I wear?”  I’m definitely not your go-to girl for fashion advice as I’m a blue jeans and flip flops kind of girl but here are a few simple tips will bring some color and style to your family portrait.

First and foremost, your clothes represent you.  Don’t go buy a dress when you haven’t worn a dress since your second cousin’s wedding last June.  Choose an outfit that you love, not just something you found in your closet.

Add a little extra touch of style with layers and textures.  Without clashing colors and patterns, spice your outfit up with a fun accessory like a hat, scarf, jacket, or cool shoes.  A crop jacket with your baby bump.  Patterned baby leg warmers with a cute cloth diapered bottom.  A black and red unbuttoned shirt with a three year old’s mohawk.

Don’t wear logos or large graphics.  With portraits, it is especially important to have the eye drawn to the subject’s face.  When the subject is wearing logos or graphics, the eye is drawn there instead.   Great for selling clothes, not so great for capturing the childhood essence.

Don’t forget to wear nice shoes.  Most importantly, don’t wear bright white tennis shoes with blue jeans.  Flip flops aren’t particularly flattering either.  Ladies, high heels and tall boots flatter your legs.  Browns and blacks are best unless the pictures are of the baby, in that case lose the shoes so I can aww over those chubby little tootsies.

Simple jewelry or better yet, no jewelry.    Guys, take off your bulky watches.  Ladies, please leave your necklaces and fancy earrings at home.  Besides stealing attention from your pretty face, it’s also easy for your pendant to turn around backwards.

Women should wear fitted clothing to compliment their figure.  Avoid tight clothing, it will pucker and wrinkle.  Too big clothing hangs too far off the body and will make you seem heavier. The right pair of pants and top can instantly make you look slimmer.

For babies, I like to keep it really simple…. as nothing.  Your little bundle of joy can easily get lost in all the ruffles and lace.  I love photographing the rolls and dimples on babies.  Diaper covers and onesies are also great if you would rather your baby be dressed.

Families, coordinate outfits without dressing identically.   When everyone wears khaki pants and a white polo, you lose the individual personalities.  Mix it up a little!  My best advice is to find a outfit for the child with the most personality.  Something not too busy but having two or three main colors.  Using those colors, coordinate outfits for everyone else.  Parents look best in solid colors.  Siblings wear coordinating colors but add personality by layering or using simple patterns- don’t use clashing patterns like stripes for one child and spots for another.

Think about moods when it comes to color.  With Summer right around the corner, now is a great time for bright colors.  Bright colors are a great way to instantly make your photos cheerful and fun.  In the fall, rich earth tones will be best.  If you want something formal, black is good.  Pastels give a relaxed mood.  Wearing red in couple portraits are a great way to add in a little passion.  White is a timeless classic in most cases.

To sum this up, keep it simple, make sure it flatters your body, and let it reflect your personality.  If you’re ever in doubt, feel free to email me a picture of your planned outfits and I’ll reassure you that everyone will look wonderful.  And even better, bring several outfits to your session and I can help you pick the best one.