Trendsetter: Harker Heights Photographer

I’ll be honest.  I don’t go to the salon every six weeks for a haircut.  It’s more like every six months or whenever I finally can’t take anymore of the ponytail I sport 24/7.  This time I decided I wanted something short.  I watched New Moon last week and adored Alice Cullen’s hairstyle (it’s a wig, by the way).  So I printed a couple pictures and booked an appointment with Amanda at Trend Setters in Kernersville.

Amanda is great.  My first trip to her last year was to save myself from a butchered cut from a budget salon.  This time she advised me to go a little longer than the pictured hairstyle.  I absolutely love the result!  She also advised me on buying pomade since I only buy shampoo and conditioner and gave me tips for buying and using a flat iron.  She let me know there is hope for me- a self proclaimed low maintence girl.

My mini mommy makeover also got me two new shirts that are usually out of my comfort zone but I actually love them.  Isn’t the purple awesome?  I love how it pops and contrasts with the green in the background.  Girls, if you’re wondering what color would look great for pictures, purple is definitely photo friendly!

Photo compliments of my human tripod, my husband.

Fun In K-ville: Kernersville Family Photographer

I visited the S family on Sunday for a session in their home.  I had a great time getting to know N, E, and M and their parents.  I got to listen to N read a story to her family then went outside to play.  It was to goregous of a day to sit inside!  They are a fun family that truly has a lot of fun together.

Sweetness: Killeen Newborn Photographer

I met the W family in their beautiful home for a lifestyle session.  Little S was the star of the show.  She was sweet and tiny and wide awake for the most part.  Usually I aim to keep newborns asleep for the length of the shoot but her alertness gave me two of my new favorite images (pictures 4 and 5 in this post).  Big brother B had the greatest smile and instantly charmed me.

Thanks W family for the honor of capturing these moments.

Her nursery was adorable!  So much pink and flowers!