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Welcome Home: fort hood homecoming Photographer

;;Today, I had the enormous  privilege of photographing a military homecoming.  It was simply amazing to be there and witness the emotion of it all.  Seeing this Marine hold his son for the first time is a memory I’ll cherish forever.  This is what photography is all about to me and I feel blessed to be able to provide photos to document these once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Welcome home!

And for anyone unable to view the slideshow, here’s a little peek at what you’re missing:

Happiness: Winston Salem Family Photographer

I met L and her family at Old Salem on Sunday for a fall portraits.  L was the winner of my big giveaway back in August.  I couldn’t have asked for a better family to photograph.  They are genuinely nice people and you can really feel how much they love each other.  Two year old Miss M was wonderful too.  I loved how observant she was with the birds and her love for books.

I’ve been editing for two days and I still smile when I see these pictures.  The way they radiate all the love and happiness made it impossible for me to narrow it down so excuse the photo overload.


E Family

E Family

E Family

L and Family, thanks for a wonderful session!  I hope you enjoy your pictures!

Four and One: Fort Hood Child Photographer

We decided to have the boys’ photo shoots a week early since we’ll be busy with the party next weekend.  I can’t believe my boys have grown so fast!

 Tristan, my four year old heartbreaker, rocking the urban location I’ve been eyeing forever.  I’m so glad he let me snap a few before the rain started falling.


Heart Breaker

This one is more “happy accident” than portrait.  He wanted some of him playing on the playground and I got this shot that screamed “black and white.”  It’s so moody just like him.Moody Tristan

The cake smash!!!  This was every bit as fun as I thought it would be.  He absolutely loved it! Of course, trying to get eye contact while he is much more interested in smearing icing from head to toe was a challenge.  He was almost too busy chowing down to show me a smile!

Cake Smash

The mandatory washing of the baby… but I forgot the soap so I’ll have to do a do over with bubbles this week.Corvin in a tub

Take a guess how long those blocks stayed in position… I’ll give you a hint it was less than two nine days

My absolute new favorite of my Corvin.  It reminds me of all the newborn pictures I did when he was first born.  Also reminds me that just like with my first born, when they sleep they look just as sweet and innocent as the day they were born.