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Celebrate Every Day Moments

Celebrate Every Day Moments

As parents, we tend to remember the big milestones without much help from photos.  You can recall and tell stories about the baby’s first laugh, your vacation to the beach, and the birthday party that you agonizing over for weeks.  It’s the little every day moments that time makes up forget.     You won’t remember her favorite story or how she danced to a certain song.  You’ll remember when they did sit in your lap and try to turn pages before you were finished reading but you won’t remember just how small they looked in your arms.  By documenting every day life with photos, you have these moments to treasure long after your child has grown up.

Capturing Every Day Moments

For most parents, our cell phones are rarely out of arm’s reach and a lot of us do snap some on-the-fly pictures as we play.   To elevate these snapshots beyond blurry, poorly lit snaps, it’s a simple three step process.

#1 Find the light

Choose a room with good natural light and turn off overhead lights.  You’ll sit with your back to the window so the light will hit the front of your child’s face.

#2 Set the scene

Remove anything that doesn’t add to the story.  You want to keep the background uncluttered and free from distractions.   Depending on what memory you’re trying to capture, set the toys, games, or books in the nice light.  Check your lighting and background by snapping a picture before you ask your child into the frame.

#3 Invite your child to play

Now that everything is perfect, ask your child to come play and be ready to take lots of pictures.  If you have a timer function, don’t be afraid to prop your camera up and jump into the action.  In the years to come, you and your child will love having photos of this time you spent together.

The fourth and more important step, don’t forget to print your memories.


Katie Smith is a professional portrait photographer located in Mebane, North Carolina.
When not working with other beautiful families, she enjoys spending time with her three children.
Together, they enjoy playing board games and reading books from their public library.

Pittsboro Parade 2015

On December 13th, we headed out to the Pittsboro parade.  While I love that we aren’t having cold and icy weather, wearing a t-shirt to a Christmas parade makes me feel a little grinchy.  I wanted sweaters and boots and Santa hats.  Instead it’s t-shirts and flip flops.  It just doesn’t help get me in the Christmas spirit.

Small town parades are the best.  You always bump into someone you know.  Someone will call out your name from a parade float- this year, my oldest son’s teacher was in the parade.  Having her yell out “Hey, Tristan!” made his day.  Plus you can never go wrong with free candy.

The floats all looked great and we had a wonderful time.  If you’re near Pittsboro, be sure to check out the parade next year then visit all the shops in the area.

pittsboro nc parade 2015

Katie Smith is a photographer near Pittsboro, NC.
With a home studio near Goldston, she also photographs on location in Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Sanford, Siler City, and Fayetteville.
When not attending parades and drinking hot chocolate, she loves to visit local stores in the historic downtown districts of her area.
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Need some family fun time?

While we’ve all been busy complaining about the neverending winter, Spring Break is sneaking up on us!  If you’re not heading out of town, I suggest checking out Austin’s Park.  Yesterday was our second trip and if you can’t tell by the huge smiles on their faces, the kids had a blast.  It was a full day of go-kart riding, laser tag shooting, putt-putt smack talking, and testing the limits of “all you can eat” pizza.

My boys loved the new train roller coaster.  While it’s pretty slow, the last curve has a whiplash effect that gets suprised giggles every time.

My husband and I came up with a new way to play putt-putt.  While the kids are on the 20,000th stroke, parents get one shot to make a hole in one…. we both ended up with scores of zero.

All four of us tried our hand at the rock wall… and it’s surprisly harder than it looks.

Got a need for speed?  They recently traded the kiddie carts for a slick track, which got a thumbs up from the husband.  My seven year was disappointed that the kiddie karts were gone but they’ll eventually be put on a new track that’s currently under construction.

Laser tag is always a blast.  And while we don’t play the arcade games, the ones they have put pinball and PacMan to shame.  The whole place is all around fun and will probably be one of my kids’ favorite memories.