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Rainy Days

Of course, the day I feel like I have cabin fever and ache to get outside is the day it begins to rain…. and rain…. and rain some more!  I joked that I would need a kayak to pick my son up from school.  The rain finally let up yesterday afternoon and I took my boys for a walk in our little community.   All I wanted was some peaceful shots of them floating paperboats in the puddles.  Yeah, if you have boys, you know the words “peaceful” and “puddle” will never belong in the same sentance.  It became a full contest of who could make the biggest splash and who can splash closest to Mommy’s camera without getting “the look.”

If you never made a paper boat, it’s ridiculously easy. I made one following instructions then made three more from memory. The sad part is they only last a minute before falling apart.

I love this one because it showcases his sweet baby cheeks.  Plus he’s starting to hit this insecure stage and I see it reflected in his eyes.

The image on the left reminds me of a superhero, he looks still with so much anger and the water coming up around him.  On the right is his dark and brooding pose,  he’s only six so moms you have a few years before you need to lock up your daughters.

My three year old refused to go outside until it stopped raining.  He’s scared of wind and storms and no amount of “it’s just a little rain” can convince him to go outside.

When were you this happy by something as simple as jumping in a cold, dirty puddle?

Katie Smith is a mom first and photographer second.
She loves documenting the lives of children with her camera and finds no greater joy than capturing a moment that is the embodmient of childhood joy.
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Christmas Mini Sessions: Bear Creek Photographer


Katie Smith is family and couple photographer serving Chatham County, North Carolina areas.
She loves Christmas, fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and spending time with family.
She’s currently writing this blog post while the adorable child in the promo sits on her lap.
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Kindergarten! Photographer

I can’t believe my oldest is starting Kindergarten this year!  He’ll turn six two days after the first day of school and even though I’ve been calling him “almost six” for the last couple months, it’s still mind-boggling how he has grown up so fast.  We even let him stay home the extra year to be sure he was emotionally ready for the school environment.  In my head and heart, I know he’s ready.  The day we went for Kindergarten testing, he was awestruck by everything and wanted to explore classrooms and hallways.  He said the testing was “super easy.”  He can’t wait to go and asks me how much longer until school starts.  His excitement is contagious but like a lot of mom’s, I’m still teary-eyed and thinking about how bittersweet this all is.  He’s my baby.  I’ve been mostly a stay-at-home-mom all his life and he’s never been gone from me so long unless it was a trip to the grandparent’s or that one week he went to a summer daycamp.  We’ve been fostering his independence but this is the big step, the moment where I let him go into the classroom and can’t coach him on how to make friends or when he should probably play by himself.  The moment where I have to trust him to eat all his lunch, try his best, and behave the way we raised him.  I better bring tissues on the first day of school because I will be that weepy, emotional mom that blots her eyes all the way back to the car.

Is your child starting school soon?  Are you excited, nervous, or just a huge ball of jumbled of emotions like me?

Katie Smith is a family and couple portrait photographer located in Pittsboro, NC.
A mom of two boys, she knows how quickly kids grow and documents their ever-changing looks and personality through meaningful photographs.
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