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Something Wicked : Pittsboro Themed Photography

I’ve always found a kindred spirit in Wednesday Addams.  I love her creepy, kooky, delightfully disturbing nature.

When I saw the voodoo dolls on Sugar Coated Choas’ Facebook Page, I knew I had to do a photo session and channel my inner Wednesday for a hauntingly beautiful photo shoot.  And what better models than the daughters of the voodoo dolls creator.  The girls are amazing and as sweet as can be and I can’t wait to be able to work with them again.

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Knight-inspired Photo Session

A couple months ago, my husband and I started watching Merlin on Netflix.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a cute show- a little quirky, the perfect amount of romance, and pretty wholesome overall.  As we made it through each season (and ending with me tearing up at the series finale), I knew I would eventually do a King Arthur-inspired shoot.  I loved the costumes and lighting in the show.  After last weekend’s trip to GeekFest and seeing a medieval roleplaying group, I decided I had to do the session ASAP.    That meant no time for prop collecting, spray painting, or spending hours combing the internet for instructions.   It was all about what I could pull out of the toy box and closet.

D.I.Y. Kid’s Knight Costume

(for moms short on time and money)

You need:

  • Cape (I bought mine a long time ago but you can definitely get by with the old school towel safety-pinned around the neck.)
  • Gray Pants
  • Gray long sleeve shirt (thermal undershirts work great)
  • Leather belt
  • Helmet  (got lucky that one was in my kids’ toy box)
  • Sword (instructions below)
  • Shield (cardboard wrapped in duct tape)

The sword is made of PVC pipe and foam pipe insulation, both easily found at your local hardware store.  The pvc pipe is .75″ thick and cut into a 2′ (blade), two 3.5″ (crossguard), and a 7″ (grip) lengths.   Assemble the four peices of pvc pipe with a pvc four-way connector (double tee connector).  For best results, glue the pipes and connector together so the blade doesn’t fly off during battle.  Slide the foam around the pvc pipe leaving an extra two inches of foam on all sides (I liked having a cushioned grip.  My husband chose to skip putting foam on the handle.  He said having the blade heavier made it easier to handle.)  Fold the foam over the visible end of the pvc pipe and tape with duct tape then wrap the sword in duct tape.  And viola!  The great thing about this sword is you can actually fight with it and it doesn’t hurt (that bad).  Much better than the cardboard sword from my pirate session that bent or getting hit with a wooden sword.  I think we spent $30 to make four swords.

As I’ve said before, I love simple homemade costumes and this one is no exception.  All it takes is a resourcefulness and a little imagination.  Now go slay some dragons. 🙂

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Katie Smith is a photographer in Mebane, North Carolina.
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Pirate Themed Session in Mebane, NC

There’s only 77 more days until Halloween!  I know that’s more than two months but Halloween is my favorite day of the year.  I love dressing up, especially homemade costumes that take a little creativity.  I also love the imagination it takes to be the character you want to be.  I think that’s why I love themed sessions so much. I pulled together odds and ends from around my house to create a pirate themed session for my sons.  Cardboard swords, an old trunk my dad gave me, a black flag made from a pillow case and bamboo stake out of my garden…  I literally spent zero dollars pulling this session together.  My youngest is sporting some left over pirate costume peices from Halloween 2010.  My oldest’s bandana is from an old shirt; his sash being my winter scarf.  It reminds me of the Halloween costumes my mom pulled together when I was a kid, back in the days before everyone ran to the closest Halloween superstore to grab whatever $25-50 costume to wear for one night. My sons’ imagination never ceases to amaze me.  With swords and map in hand, they were ready to find treasure and trek through the wilderness (if they had shoes on- to which I replied “Pirates don’t wear sneakers!”).  Like true pirates, they scowled at authority and hated when I interupted their creativity with a pose. I can’t wait for October this year where I’ll be offering Halloween minis AND a special just for themed sessions.  Be sure to stay tuned on my Facebook page to learn more about those. Killeen Imagination PhotographyPiratesCorvin the pirate Katie as a pirateKatie Smith is a child photographer located in Bear Creek, NC. For Halloween 2010, she dressed up as a pirate… and drew a mustache on her toddler. Her favorite Halloween candy is a three way tie among Twizzlers, Twix, and candy corn. Ready to book a fun, memorable session? Email