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Halloween 2018

I love Halloween! It’s my favorite day of the year.  If you love costumes, candy corn, and the thrills and chills of October 31st, I would love to create a frightfully fantastic photo shoot with you.

From fairy princess to zombie brides, inspire me with your costume.  Together, we’ll create a unique session based on your costume.

One lucky winner will receive a complimentary session and 11×14 portrait.

Hiphop, Clogging, and Taekwondo

mebane nc dance portraitsKids are so much more than that awkward smile in school photos.  Hustled through the school portrait experience, there’s no time for individuality.  Smile, click, next! It’s not fun for the kids and it feels like little more than a formality.  With the Katie Smith Photography portrait experience, custom is the name of the game. Sessions are planned around a child’s favorite activities like dance and taekwondo and kids are given time to warm up to the camera and have fun.

In this recent session, we needed to capture her hiphop and clogging recital costumes and her taekwondo gi. With the dance portraits, I set up dramatic lighting to give her a center stage spotlight effect. Then we turned up the tunes and she cut loose! It was so much fun watching her really get into the music and watch her bloom from shy to dancing queen.

After a quick outfit change, she had switched gears from light hearted dancer to fierce Taekwondo student.  I love the determination in her expression and she practiced each move, sometimes over and over while I got the shot.

Ready to capture your child’s passion for dance, martial arts, or other activity?  Contact me today.

  mebane nc dance portraits

Staying True to Yourself : Mebane Headshot Photographer

A great headshot says a lot about you. From clothing to expression to pose, all these tiny details form the story of who you are and what your business means to you and your client.  I always suggest using these tiny details to incorporate your individuality. By staying true to who you are, like-minded people will be drawn to you.  When you avoid individuality in favor of “looking more professional” or how you think you should look, your headshot becomes generic and easily passed over when someone is browsing LinkedIn.

What I love about the session below is how she stays true to herself.   She loves the color purple and when I see her at our networking events, she’s usually wearing purple in one shade or another. I love that she didn’t change that for photos.  She is an ambassador for the World Global Network and as you can see, she faithfully wears her Helo Wellness Band.  By wearing her band in her headshots, she is not just promoting it but also showing her belief in it.   By choosing to smile, she comes off as friendly and approachable.  By leaning in, she’s interested in you and your wellness.  This is what a great headshot does.  It says “I’m a purple-loving dynamic woman that’s interested in helping you live a healthy lifestyle with the help of the Helo Wellness Band.”

Outdoor headshots