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Merry Christmas, J!

My Christmas tree is still in the box, waiting for the day we can decorate it as a family.  J’s tree was never taken down!  Of course, it helps to have it in an empty room.

During a visit with my folks, I took some pictures of my youngest brother for the family Christmas card.  As usual, I’m just in love with how his eye sparkle.

Sneak Peek for J Family: Harker Heights Family Photographer

I met J back in high school and it’s hard to believe we’re both married with children now.  I met back up with her on Sunday for family portraits at her home.   I love doing family portraits at a client’s home.  It brings an added amount of personalization to a photo session.



Goodbye Summer: Copperas Cove Family Photographer

All summer I’ve been wanting to go to the beach.  Not that I’m a beach person, I’m really not.  The sun, the sand, the salt… just not my thing.  But it just felt like something we needed to do especially being within a few hours of the ocean.  Besides we have never been to the beach as a family. Husband and I went before kids.  Oldest son and I went while Husband was deployed.  And youngest son had never been.  Thanks to my folks, we got our family vacation to Myrtle Beach.

Honestly, I didn’t do much of my photography.  The trip centered around being together and having fun.  I didn’t want to be behind the camera as much as being a part of the moment.  I did bring it out for some fun shots though.


Ripley's Aquarium, Myrtle Beach, SC
Huge shout out to the Ripley’s company.  They have the best military discount I have ever seen and both boys loved the aquarium.

Corvin's 1st Time at the Beach


I watched the sunrise over the ocean for the first time ever.  It was amazing.






Full moon rising over the ocean….