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For The Moms- Chatham County Photographer

For The Moms- Chatham County Photographer

It’s that time of year again.  Fall portrait time.  Your mom friends are posting their perfectly dressed, perfectly posed portraits and you might be feeling a little jealous and guilty.  You might be jealous about how fabulous she looks, how well behaved her kids are, how she seems to have it all together…  Guilty that you haven’t booked a photographer for this year (or last year… or since you got married.)

You might be thinking “I’d love to book a photo session but…”  And I want to take a minute to talk about your “but” your reasons for procrastinating booking a Chatham County photographer for your family portrait.

“…I’m too busy.”  Omigosh…  Did you ever expect to be so busy?  It feels like we’re running non-stop.  The kids need to get to school, a diaper needs to be changed, dinner needs to be cooked and eaten in the next 45 minutes because practice starts in an hour…  Motherhood is a constant go go go with doctor appointments and grocery shopping and everything takes 5 times longer when a toddler throws himself on the floor because he suddenly realized his shoes are the wrong color.  I promise it won’t always be this way.  Some day, things will slow down but then it’ll be too late.  The kids will be grown and getting everyone together will be a miracle in itself due to work schedules, planned vacations, and that child that moved so far away.  Get your family pictures done while you can still strap them in the carseats and take them despite all the “but I don’t wanna” whining.

“…but I haven’t lost the baby weight.” Your kids don’t care about your muffin top.  All they know is it’s fun to blow raspberries on Mommy’s tummy, no matter what size her tummy is.  The right clothes and the right photographer can make you feel gorgeous even though right now, you might be rocking that ponytail and yoga pants.  Get in front of the camera for once, your kids -and grandkids- will love you for it.

“…my kids are too insane for this.”  Kids are crazy.  That’s just the way they are. If you could only see the outtakes from my own children’s photo sessions, you’d realize this.  Grouchy faces, crazy faces, tears streaming down the cheek faces, sometimes we can go on a full emotional journey just by taking photos on an empty stomach.  You can prevent some of the crazy but you also just have to embrace the crazy.  Nobody said you had to have the “perfect” family photos with everyone smiling and looking directly at the camera.  Sometimes the best ones are where the child’s personality is just too big to contain.

“…it’s too stressful.”  One, it doesn’t have to be stressful.  I can help you find the right clothes, the right size portrait, the right location, or the perfect pose for your family.  Just relax.  During the session, take deep breaths and just remember you hired a photographer that you trust.

“…I’d have to buy new outfits.”  Who said you have to go on a shopping spree?  You can pull together coordinating outfits from the closets.  It’s as easy as matching color tones and I’ll gladly come help you decide between the black or the brown boots.  Check out Pinterest for fun clothing ideas.

“…I can’t afford it.”  Christmas is coming.  How much are you spending on stuff that will be in the bottom of the toy box by the end of the month.  You deserve a beautiful portrait of your family.  Your kids deserve to see a picture of their loving, smiling parents hanging in the living room. Beautiful canvases will last longer than that new tv, cell phone, or other ‘thing’ that will not have the same sentimental value.

When you have that portrait over the mantle, somewhere you can look at it every day, it becomes a part of your happy place.  On that day when you are knee deep in mix matched socks, the kids are fighting WWE style off the couch, and you are doubting your motherhood abilities, you’ll look up and breathe a sign of relief, knowing motherhood is tough but your family is amazing.  That even when the kids are driving you crazy, you love them with every fiber of your being.  You guys deserve this:Family Portrait by Chatham County Photographer Katie Smith

THIS is my family.  My oldest is nine.  He’s reaching that age where he wants to be treated like a grown up, not a ‘big kid.’  Hence the “I’m too cool to smile” smirk.  My middle child is my spirited one.  He’s shy at first but once he gets going, there’s no stopping him.  He’s loud and rowdy and awesome.  And there’s the sweet baby that can do no wrong… even when she’s pulling her brother’s hair.  This is the family portrait that makes my heart sing.  This is the family portrait that I’m proud to say represents that crazy love we share.

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How to prepare your home for lifestyle photography

How to prepare your home for lifestyle photography

Today’s families are realizing that the traditional studio look isn’t right for them.  They want photography that captures the heart and soul of their family and what places has more heart and holds more memories of their own home.

But Katie, my house has been hit by a toddler tornado!  There’s no way we can do photos here.

Making your home picture-perfect is a lot easier than it sounds.  Here’s a few steps to help you prepare:

Find the room with the most light.

Take a day to notice how the light revolves around your house.  Book your session for the time of day you get the most light, preferably with big windows.  This is super important for families with homes surrounded with trees.

Central Texas Lifestyle Photographer

De-clutter but don’t clean.

You don’t have to worry about deep cleaning before a photo shoot.  “Pardon the mess.  Our children are making memories” is my favorite motto.  Make the beds and declutter surfaces but don’t worry about dusting or shampooing the carpet.

Dog photographer

Pick Containment zones and KEEP OUT zones.

I don’t need full access to your home for a great photo shoot.  If you want to make certain rooms off limits, that’s perfectly fine.  Think we should keep the fun to just one room?  Let’s come up with a game plan to keep the fun there.  For example, your kitchen has amazing lighting so let’s create a session out of baking cupcakes.  The photos will be full of giggly fun as your family works together to whip up and eat a fun treat.  Living rooms are great for portraits where families cuddle on the couch, play board games on the floor, and have wrestling matches off the couch and onto the floor!

Killeen Pet Photographer

My favorite rooms

Hands down, my favorite rooms are the kids’ bedrooms.  You can tell so much about a kid by what character is on their bedsheets, what books line their shelves, and which most loved toys are scattered on the floor.  Kids are so animated to show a guest (me, the photographer) all their favorite toys, how bouncy their bed is, and how loud they can play their drums.

Killeen Newborn Photographer

Book that photo session!

Now that you know the lighting, decluttered, and have somewhat of a plan, book that session and get in the photos.  You make great memories with the kids and you deserve to be in the photographic evidence!

Dallas Cowboy Themed Nursery Pittsboro NC Photographer family

Katie Smith PhotographerKatie Smith is a photographer in Pittsboro, NC.
She offers fun, modern portraits for families and couples in Central NC, including Chapel Hill, Apex, Greensboro, and Fayetteville.
She loves homes that are fun of personality with lots of color and sentimental objects.
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Tattoo Model Session: Chapel Hill NC

Tattoo Model Session: Chapel Hill NC

I love tattoos.  I love the stories behind them.  My tattoo is on my left hip, a heart and four-leaf clover that I got when I was 18 and out on a date with my then-fiance/now-husband.  When we were dating, I could spot a four-leaf clover just by walking past it.  Ah… those teenage days when all you need was love and luck to be happy.  Sooner or later, I’ll be getting a second tattoo… something that describes my sons and my love for photography.  I just haven’t been able to decide what design and camera gear is always higher on my list of wants.

Speaking of tattoos, I met this beautiful tattoo model recently to update her modeling portfolio.  Although I specialize in family and couples photography, it’s always fun to try something different.  I loved trying new posing and being able to sculpt the lighting.  She’s so naturally beautiful and I know she has a great career in front of her.

Arielle-5892web Arielle-5760web Arielle-5811web Arielle-5819web Arielle-5871web Arielle-5913web Arielle-5919web Arielle-5950web

Katie Smith offers beauty photography near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
She serves Apex, Pittsboro, Sanford, and the surrounding area.
She specializes in family and couples photography but loves stepping out of her comfort zone with models.
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