Kernersville’s Independence Day Parade

This morning we headed out to see Kernersville’s Independence Day parade.  It’s not a huge production like the Christmas parade but I liked it.  I love the small town feel of everyone and their dog out in lawn chairs, shouting out first names as floats go by.  I like to watch Tristan’s face light up when people return his wave and especially when they throw candy.  I think my favorite is the bands.  I love hearing the drums as they march.  Maybe it’s because it’s a talent I’ll never possess since I have no sense of rhythm.

I think I also love the unity that the independence Day parade brings.  The red, white, and blue in the floats along with the clothing of the spectators.  It’s one of the few happy things that brings people together as Americans.

Enjoy the pictures  and have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Kernersville 4th of July Parade

Kernersville 4th of July Parade

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