Look at that hair! Copperas Cove Baby Photographer

What is it about babies with lots of hair?  It’s like we just can’t help ourselves.  We have to comment on those beautiful full heads of hair.  It was my first thought and I still can’t get over how long it is and how cute and dainty she looks with that little pink bow.

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I met this little sweetie and her mommy in her adorable pink nursery.  She was napping when I got there but woke up so gracefully and happy.  Being a mom of two, I know the rule is ‘never wake a sleeping baby’ but she wasn’t grouchy in the least!  I was so happy to see her two little bottom teeth poking through her gums when she smiled at me within minutes of waking.  I loved watching her take off on her little army crawl and watching her get so proud when she practiced a new sound she recently learned.  She was an all around happy baby and there’s nothing better than a happy baby.

Check out her cloth diapers!  Not that I ever want to go back to the days of diapering but if I ever did, it would be hard to resist the cuteness.  Her mommy made it look so simple and easy.

There’s a comfort about photographing little ones in their home.  They know they’re safe and everything is familiar.  They aren’t as easily distracted as they are when they’re in a park or anywhere that there’s 100 new sights, sounds, and smells to get overwhelmed with.  I think it’s relaxing and everything flows through with genuine moments.  You don’t get any more ‘real life’ than this.  <3

Katie Smith is a lifestyle family and couple photographer based in Killeen, Texas.
She serves the Central Texas area, between Lampasas and Temple.
She loves documenting every day moments that become some of life’s best memories.
When not photographing the tender moments of other mother’s lives, she likes to read quietly on her front porch.
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