Together Again

I’ve had the joy of photographing quite a few homecomings here at Fort Hood, Texas.  Usually it’s this big group and everyone is packed on a field or in a gym with the deejay blaring “YMCA” or “What does the Fox say?”  There’s fanfare and speeches and it’s really exciting.

But there’s also the smaller homecomings that are so much more quiet and intimate.  The ones where it’s only a handful of soldiers coming in at the little airport.  I honestly love this kind just as much.  Not only does the airport have amazing lighting but it’s peaceful and laidback.  There’s no crowd to fight through and you don’t have to worry about people interupting the moment or stepping into the shot.  It’s just a different kind of beautiful experience.
homecoming portraits1 homecoming portraits5 happy homecoming portrait Army couple Homecoming Portrait at GRK

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