What ages should my baby be photographed at?

Newborns are photographed at 7-10 days old for sleeping poses. After 14 days, babies tend to be more alert.

During the first year, parents may decide to schedule sessions around baby’s age (3, 6, and 12 months) or by milestones (pushing up, sitting unassisted, and standing).

When should I schedule the consultation?

Call the studio by 34 weeks of pregnancy so we can schedule the consultation and we can have your newborn session penciled on the calendar. Once you get home from the hospital, call again the schedule the date.

Do newborn sessions take place in the studio or at my home?

Your choice! Most parents of multiple children prefer in-home sessions to allow their children to play while I photograph the baby alone.

Did you get your flu shot?

Yes! Your baby’s safety is very important. To protect newborns, I get a flu shot every year and take safety precautions to keep my smallest clients from getting injured or sick during the session.

How long is the session?

Newborn portraits may last up to two hours to give time for cuddles, feeding, and coaxing them back to sleep. Milestone sessions are up to an hour in length.

Do you provide props?

I encourage families to make their session unique by providing their own props. By using nursery décor and family keepsakes, we can create portraits with deeper meaning than cookie cutter props.

Do you have a baby plan?

Yes! Purchase an heirloom album at your first session and return for additional sessions at a special rate!

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