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Flawless :Belton Maternity Photography

When I was pregnant, I tried to guess the gender of my baby by listening to all the old wives tales.  I analyzed my belly shape and how high or low I was carrying.  I used the Chinese gender calendar.  I pondered what it meant when I reached for yet another box of oreos instead of salty chips.  All the little things anyone had ever told me.  Even though I only have sons, one of the old wives tales that always stuck with me is “daughters steal their mother’s beauty.”  Well, this mom has proved that myth to be 100% WRONG!  Doesn’t she look amazing?  And her skin is flawless.

After I was done being jealous over her complexion, we had a great time hiking around Chalkridge Falls.  The best thing about Chalkridge Falls is that even though I go there at least once or twice a month, there’s always a new little spot to explore and photograph.  This time we explored the rocky area beneath the bridge then headed for the river to cool off from this Texas summer heat.  I love that she volunteered to get in the river and allowed me to get these images.

Thanks you two for being awesome!

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Katie Smith is a professional photographer in Killeen, Texas.
She specializes in photographing couples in love, glowing expecting mothers, and happy families.
When she was expecting, she craved chocolate milk, Taco Bell, and Oreo cookies… but never, ever pickles.  (yuck!)
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Stillhouse Lake Maternity

This beautiful couple met me at Stillhouse Lake in Belton, Texas for maternity portraits.  With a couple months left until they hold their baby girl in their arms, mom-to-be is so pretty and definitely has the glow.  They were awesome and laughed off the way the mud stuck to our shoes like cement.  A great thing about having the session at this lake is that we easily walked from the beach-side portraits to the tree line for a change of scenery, which is important since I try not to give my expecting moms too much of a workout.  I can’t wait to photograph another session at this location.

The outfits that we chose for this session couldn’t have been more perfect.  I love that their outfits are similar tones but his shirt is charcoal and hers is black so we get more definition for her bump.  They are the perfect amount of dressed up to look nice but not stuffy or out of place.  I especially love the way her skirt catches the breeze in the third photo.

I have to share their Fusion video because I love how it turned out.  These short montages that mix short clips of video with images from their session are a perfect way to record memories and emotions that photographs can’t do justice for.  Love this?  Check out more Fusion videos on my Youtube channel.

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Katie Smith PhotographyKatie Smith is an on location photographer serving Killeen, Harker Heights, and Belton.
She loves photographing the excitement and anticipation of expecting a new baby.
When not photographing beautiful women with their pregnancy glow, you can usually find her playing Candy Crush on her iPhone.
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Glowing: Belton Maternity Photographer

When I met this couple, they had a little secret that they couldn’t wait to share.  I kept their little secret until last month when Mama-To-Be came back to see me for maternity photos in the bluebonnets.  She is so beautiful and has that perfect glow about her.  I’m so excited for her and her husband to be holding their daughter this summer.  Their shih tzus are going to make the sweetest furry sister and brother.

We met at Overlook Park in Belton, a popular spot to find photo-friendly bluebonnets and walked to a perfect little patch of bluebonnets where the sunset perfectly through the trees.  I absolutely adore this spot.  After the bluebonnets started to wilt, they were replaced with yellow and purple flowers.  If you’re looking for a place to take a casual walk, maybe have a picnic, and watch a sunset, you’ll definitely want to check this place out.

Thanks for coming back and seeing me, A!  I can’t wait to meet your little girl.

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Katie Smith is a family and couple’s photographer located in Killeen, Texas.
She’s a sucker for perfect baby bellies, sunsets, and that hour of golden light at the end of the day.
When not photographing beautiful moms-to-be, she likes to reminsce about her own pregnancy like the time she and her husband went to the grocery store at 2am for doughnuts because the baby was craving raspberry-filled awesomeness.
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