Your pets are not ‘like family’, they are family. They become our best friends- keeping our secrets and never judging us. I believe in celebrating this bond through photographs that will last long after they outgrow the puppy stage.

The Pet Portrait Experience

I want to get to know your pet so I can tell their story in a fun, authentic way. We can meet in the studio or chat over Zoom to plan the perfect session. We’ll talk about your pet, how they joined your family, and what you love the most about them. We’ll plan the session including finding the right location, how to set them up for success, and how you envision the photos in your home.  Do you want a wall gallery over the couch or would you prefer an album?

Let’s be real- photographing animals can be total chaos AND I LOVE IT! It’s going to be photo session full of laughter as I make silly sounds and roll on the ground and do whatever it takes to get your pet to lock eyes with the camera.

It might take a treat or two or the whole bag but we’re going to create amazing portraits that showcase your pets personality.

My studio is located in downtown Mebane and it’s perfect for pets that need to be off leash in a safe space. I love keeping portraits simple with solid backdrops so all the focus is on your pet.

Looking for an outdoor portrait? I love keeping pets on their property so they can be off leash but I know some picturesque places around Alamance County for the adventurous pet. While your pet will remain on leash in public, I’ll be able to digitally remove the leash in post processing.

Because I love what I do, I don’t time my sessions. Sessions usually end when your pet is over it or we’re out of light.

Within 4 days, we’ll meet in-person or over Zoom and we’ll go through the photos together, picking out your favorites, and deciding how they’ll fit in your home. My ordering process makes it easy and there’s no slimy sales tactics ever. In fact, I always tell clients that if they hesitate on a photo, it means they don’t love it and I only want them to buy the photos that truly speak to their heart.

Each image you purchase is retouched to perfection. Stray hairs, blemishes, those bruises and bug bites that kids get the day before picture day- POOF! Gone! I’ll even do a little digital nip/tuck or wrinkle removal if you want me to but I’m a big fan of keeping subtle and making sure you still look like you.

There’s a $250 session fee to hold your session date. Session fee is 100% happiness guaranteed.  If you don’t love your photos, I’ll reshoot or refund.

You’ll be able to choose from wall art and albums. Every print includes the matching digital copy to share on social media and to archive as back up. Most clients spent $750-1000 for printed products and digital copies.

Once we work together, you get access to client exclusive sessions like Easter Bunny or Christmas Mini Sessions!

All pets allowed- dogs, cats, horses, spiders, snakes…

While our clients are usually dog owners, we love all animals and we’re willing to create sessions that capture your bond while keeping your pet safe if your pet doesn’t wear a leash.

THE BIG QUESTION- Is Katie a dog person or a cat person?

I’ve always considered myself a cat person, mostly due to my independent and introverted personality. I have two kitties- Tony and Jack- that like to curl up with me as I sleep but otherwise do their own thing. On the other hand, I can’t resist babytalking and playing outside with my two rescue mutts- Lady and Bruno. So I guess I’m both!

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