See you soon: Fort Hood Homecoming Photographer

I don’t like calling these ‘Goodbye’ sessions, even ‘pre-deployment’ sounds so stiff and sad. Maybe “Last Hurrah!” or something would sound better because these sessions are anything but sad! A pre-deployment family session isn’t about the upcoming emotions that military families will be feeling. It’s about the now. It’s about all the best memories and the fun times. It’s about remembering what the military member has to come home to.

I met this fun and very happy family at Chalk Ridge Falls for their session .  This mom has quickly became one of my favorite people around here.  I know she’s going to be a strong mother to these guys during the deployment.  I don’t know what it’s like to deal with deployment with older children but I know she can handle it.  My heart definitely goes out to them and I can’t wait to photograph the homecoming when it comes time.

Mandatory disclaimer:
The photos and other content of this publication do not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.

Katie Smith is a participating photographer in the Operation: Love Reunited organization.
This organization provides photography to military members facing deployment.
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