Blogger Branding Portraits

Blogger Branding Portraits

Branding portraits capturing the heart and soul of your business.

When you are the face of your company, your brand is everything. Are you a tough and gritty #bossbabe kicking butt in the professional world? Are you a vibrant, outgoing woman that draws others in with your outgoing optimism? Or do you and your brand speak to the hearts of the average mom with a voice of authenticity and love and courage?

Recently Tandra of ThrillerMom.com visited the studio for a branding session. Because she’s a blogger and mom of two beautiful daughters, I wanted to capture that fun, love, and authenticity that is reflected in her writing. We only used the backdrop for a few headshots. Mainly using the futon to give off a laidback vibe where the girls were free to have fun. By incorporating her laptop and having the girls climb on the couch, we’re telling her brand story of being a confident woman and raising two confident daughters and how she shares her story with us through technology.

Looking to tell your brand’s story through portraits? Contact me for your free consultation.

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