Pet Portrait Pop Ups

Fast Facts
$29 session fee- Includes one complimentary digital copy!
10-minute sessions
Additional prints and digital copies sold separately, starting at $20
Private online viewing gallery
10% of profits will be donated to Burlington Animal Services to help our homeless pet population.

These sessions are up to 10 minutes long. In this amount of time, I’ll take a lot of photos with the intention of getting 2-3 with perfect eye contact.

These pet-sized sets are 6×8′ and meant for 1-2 pets, possible a human or two also. Adult humans will need to sit or kneel for photo.

Immediately following the session, you’ll be able to review your images on the computer and purchase prints or digital copies.

Within 24 hours of the session, you’ll be able to access your private online gallery at http://katiesmithphotography.pixieset.com/yourphonenumber

Digital copies ordered online will be immediately downloadable. Prints ordered will be mailed to you within three weeks.

  • For high energy dogs, give them plenty of exercise the morning of their session so they’ll be a little tired. For older/low energy dogs, have a relaxing morning.
  • Arrive early and walk your dog outside for a potty break.
  • Get your dog groomed before the event, especially if they have a lot of hair around their eyes.
  • Bring their favorite treats but don’t let them know about it until I say so.
  • Sit in the chair provided and try not to make eye contact or call your dog. We want him/her to only respond to me.
  • Stay relaxed! Most dogs get a little amped up in a new place and may need a minute to sniff about. Some might “forget” all their commands. This is totally normal! Try to remain cool and collected and let me work my magic!

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