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Zombie Photography in Pittsboro NC

Zombie-themed Session Checklist

  • A fun family willing to get dirty and crazy… CHECK!
  • Creepy location… CHECK!
  • Make up and plenty of Youtube tutorials about zombie makeup…  CHECK!
  • Fake blood… CHECK!
  • A way to get clean after the session…  oops! I knew I forgot something.

(Seriously though, don’t forget that last part. I’m still cleaning sticky spots on my camera)

I’m really excited to be sharing this session on my blog.  It’s not often that I get to go completely against the grain of my portrait work for something so wicked crazy and awesome like this zombie family portrait session.  While I’ve been cooking up ideas for zombie sessions for a few months, this was all their brilliant idea.  Dad is really into zombies and Mom contacted me to make this crazy idea a reality.  She pretty much told me they wanted to be zombies and let me have the reigns to create this unique session.

The hardest part was finding the perfect location but this abandoned building was the perfect backdrop for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.  The easiest part was making the fake blood: chocolate syrup, corn syrup, and food coloring.  It’s seriously that easy, kid-safe and it washed out of our clothes- though I don’t suggest testing that with your Sunday best.

Once everyone was zombie-fied, we had a great time as we tried not to laugh and did our best angry, crazy-eyed brain-hungry zombie faces.  I was amazed at Sister’s creepy zombie skills.  I definitely got the heebie-jeebies, especially when she had the heart…   a red balloon cover in fake blood. Oldest brother can do this zombie shuffle and the sound of his feet dragging against the pavement made my skin crawl.  Then there was the youngest brother… and well, he’s the cutest zombie I’ve ever seen.  I’d almost let him bite me just because he’s so cute.

Thanks M Family for being so amazing and letting me have such a great time with your session.  I only wish I could hear what your houseguests will say when they see your zombie family portrait on the wall.

Zombie Children Zombie Boy Zombie Fence Pose Heart Eater Zombie Family Portrait Creepy zombie girl Zombie Attack Zombie-themed family portrait

Katie Smith is a family and couples photographer in Pittsboro, NC.
She loves creating themed sessions that will be fun and memorable for a lifetime.
Her favorite zombie movies and TV shows include the Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead.
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Family Portaits in Belton, Texas

I met this family at Chalkridge Falls in Belton, Texas for a photo session.  It’s not often that I get to photograph senior portraits or families with teenagers so it’s always a welcome change of pace.

With their son graduating high school and heading to collage soon and their daughter not far behind him, I’m glad they took the time to get photos done together.

killeen graduation portraits Killeen Photographer killeen cap and gown photo Chalkridge Falls
Katie Smith is a family photographer in Central Texas.

Summer Fun in Pittsboro, NC

*This post was written while located in Texas.  We are now located in the Sanford/Siler City/Pittsboro North Carolina area*

I love photographing kids being kids.  These handsome little sweethearts met me for a fun-filled lifestyle photo session at the playground and splash park in Killeen.  It was perfect timing since big brother starts Pre-K this fall and won’t be able to have these carefree weekday mornings.  I was able to chase and climb all over the playground as I followed them around and captured them being exactly who they are: a carefree, outgoing four year old and his more reserved 1.5 year old brother.

First, we went to the park where we climbed up the stairs and down the slides.  Big brother showed no fear climbing on all equipment and little brother did his best to keep up. After that, we blew bubbles for a few minutes as we caught our breath then it was back to the playground for more climbing and running.  Next was coloring with chalk where I was impressed with big brother’s writing skills and little brother’s chalk snatching skills.  A few more minutes on the playground then they changed into swim trunks for some water fun.  Little brother isn’t a big fan of splishing and splashing in the water but big brother loved it.  I love watching them have fun and I can’t help but smile as I go through the photos on my computer.

Thanks O & G for joining me for this fun session!  I had a blast!

Long Branch Park Candid Child Photography Sun Flare Summer Photo Toddler Photography Blowing Bubbles Brothers Drawing with chalk Playing in tube Playground cutie Killeen TX Photographer Young Child Photography Photo session at Park Photography in Central TX Mother/Son Photo Long Branch Park Splash Splash Park Photo Water Fun Photography Toddler Boy and Water Boy with Dumptruck



Katie Smith is an on location photographer serving Pittsboro, NC and surrounding areas.
She specializes in fun family and couples photography.
When not photographing awesome families, she enjoys playing Candy Crush and eating chocolate.
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