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Summer Fun in Pittsboro, NC

Summer Fun in Pittsboro, NC

*This post was written while located in Texas.  We are now located in the Sanford/Siler City/Pittsboro North Carolina area*

I love photographing kids being kids.  These handsome little sweethearts met me for a fun-filled lifestyle photo session at the playground and splash park in Killeen.  It was perfect timing since big brother starts Pre-K this fall and won’t be able to have these carefree weekday mornings.  I was able to chase and climb all over the playground as I followed them around and captured them being exactly who they are: a carefree, outgoing four year old and his more reserved 1.5 year old brother.

First, we went to the park where we climbed up the stairs and down the slides.  Big brother showed no fear climbing on all equipment and little brother did his best to keep up. After that, we blew bubbles for a few minutes as we caught our breath then it was back to the playground for more climbing and running.  Next was coloring with chalk where I was impressed with big brother’s writing skills and little brother’s chalk snatching skills.  A few more minutes on the playground then they changed into swim trunks for some water fun.  Little brother isn’t a big fan of splishing and splashing in the water but big brother loved it.  I love watching them have fun and I can’t help but smile as I go through the photos on my computer.

Thanks O & G for joining me for this fun session!  I had a blast!

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Katie Smith is an on location photographer serving Pittsboro, NC and surrounding areas.
She specializes in fun family and couples photography.
When not photographing awesome families, she enjoys playing Candy Crush and eating chocolate.
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Turning Two at Chalkridge Falls

Turning Two at Chalkridge Falls

Little Miss K is turning two!  Like most little ones her age, she’s strongly independent and knows exactly what she wants…. the perfect attitude for a little girl that will do something amazing with her life.  With her adorable cowboy boots and a little dirt on her knees, we explored Chalkridge Falls in Belton, Texas for her two year portraits.  She’s not a huge fan of flowers (she threw them on the ground) but loves chocolate (M&Ms are a form of currency for two year olds).

Want to where she gets her good looks from?  There’s a family portrait on my facebook page.

Thanks T Family for having me taking your photos.  It was great to meet you!  Enjoy your photos!

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Katie Smith PhotographyKatie Smith is a natural light, on location photographer serving Killeen, Texas and surrounding area.
She specializes in working with families with young children.
She loves the unpredictable nature of preschoolers.
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A Colorful Tea Party: Belton Texas Photographer

A Colorful Tea Party: Belton Texas Photographer

We’re all mad here.
-The Cheshire Cat

This awesome mom contacted me about a fun tea party photo shoot for her and her daughter.  We talked about different styles of tea parties- posh, vintage or Mad Hatter.  She chose Mad Hatter and I was so pumped.  I love Alice In Wonderland and have habit of singing the White Rabbit’s “I’m Late” song to my kids whenever we’re running behind.  So I started planning and pulling out old props to create a colorful tea party.  I found the orange tea set at an antique show.  I was given the mushroom by a fellow photographer.  Then I picked up a few other things at thrift shops and the grocery store.  I was set and so excited to start the session.

We talked about what to wear through text and email but I was still in awe of their outfits when I saw them at the photo session.  Mom is brilliantly dressed with the cool hat, polka dot scarf, and teal blazer.  She’s feminine, sophisticated yet awesomely whimsical.  Then the daughter in a rainbow tutu, striped leggings, and high tops.  Their outfits made the session.

The whole session was so much fun.  Little Miss A is a fun and smart little girl.  She loved the cookies and cupcakes and spent most of the session with one in each hand.  We had pretend tea, picked wildflowers, and played with her friend Geoffrey the Giraffe (see last photo).

I loved this session so much and it was only made better by the fact that I got to bring home leftover cupcakes and cookies to nibble on while I edited.

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katie smith new headshotKatie Smith is a child and family photographer located in Central Texas.
She loves creating unique, fun sessions that capture her subject’s personality.
She likes collecting antique cameras, watching Disney movies, and making up silly songs for her kids.
When not photographing Central Texas’ most adorable kids and beautiful parents, she’s usually found at home getting inspired for her next themed shoot.
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