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Just Play- North Carolina Kids Photographer

My kids don’t love photo sessions.  They understand that it means a lot to me and they understand that they are paid for their cooperation in the form of chocolate or ice cream or a trip to their favorite store (Five Below).  But they don’t love getting into their perfect outfits and posing and following directions….

Do you know what they do love?  Screaming at the top of their lungs, playing tag until someone gets mad for being tagged one time too many, swinging “to the moon” on the swingset, showing off their letters in sidewalk chalk, and popping bubbles before they touch the ground.

Those things are what makes childhood fun.  In between the big vacations, between long boring weeks at school, it’s the family trips to the park that rejuvenate our sense of fun.

Just Play sessions are lifestyle, photojournalistic-inspired sessions that capture the essence of childhood.

All kids will love these sessions, especially those that are high energy or introverted.  No rules.  Just fun.

No fake smiles here!

Just good old fashion fun with playground equipment, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk…  For more fun, bring your child’s favorite toys like R.C. cars, hula hoops, jump rope, and kites.

Don’t be a fuddy-duddy!

Grown ups can have too!  I’ll be climbing the rock walls and sliding down slides right along with your kids.  So feel free to get silly, swing too high, race to the bottom of the slide, or play tag with your kids.

So let’s head to the playground and have some fun!  Email me below about special “Just Play” pricing:

Cake Smash Photographer in North Carolina

let them smash cake

While you might be getting teary-eyed at the thought of your baby turning one, a cake smash is a fun, messy way to celebrate this milestone.

B.Y.O.C. (bring your own cake)

Please bring your own cake.  Due to food allergy concerns, I cannot provide the cake.  I’d be heartbroken if your child had a reaction.  A traditional cake smash is 6″ but you can also bring a cupcake.

Please no red or brown icing or chocolate cake.

It’s adorable on the cake.  Not so adorable smeared across your child’s face when it looks less like cake and more like a diaper-explosion or vampire baby.

On-location cake smash

Cake smash at the park?  No problem!  If you’re worried about your kid eating dirt, we can bring a quilt or my vintage highchair.

The three types of Cake Smash Babies

The DiverNom Nom Nom No need to taste-test. The little guys and girls dive into the cake mouth first.  No questions asked.  Don’t even try to take that cake away until they are done!
The Taste-Tester–  What’s the stuff?  Why is it mushy?  mmmm…. This tastes good.  YUM YUM YUM!  They might take a few minutes to explore this mound of sugar in front of them but once they get a little taste, it’s all she wrote for that pretty little cake.
The Clean Freak–  EWW!!! It’s squishy!  It might taste yummy but it requires getting icing on those precious fingers and to some babies that’s just plain icky!  You can chance a meltdown by putting her hand in the icing or you can get perfectly clean photos of her beside her cake.  (bonus: YOU get to eat the cake since they didn’t demolish it)
Whatever your child’s cake smash personality, you’ll still get adorable portraits.

Make clean-up fun!

When the weather is nice, I’ll happily bring a tub and warm water to wash your child off.  We can even do fun clean up photos. If the weather isn’t warm enough for a bath, please bring lots of baby wipes.  Don’t forget a change of clothes!

Show off the photos

The best thing about cake smashes is that they tell a story.  From the first time they lay their eyes on this sugary wonder to when they crawl away with icing in their hair, the photos work together to tell about the first time your child had birthday cake.  A storyboard is a great way to showcase the photos together!

cake smash photographercake smash 10x20storyboard

Best of Christmas Mini Sessions 2013

With less than a week before Christmas, I’m finally getting a moment to show off all the cute kiddos that came out for Christmas Mini Sessions.  I love their festive outfits and had a lot of fun with all the kids.

Merry Christmas!  I hope 2013 was a great year for you and that 2014 will be even better!

Christmas Mini Sessions